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Gifts For Mom Under $25 – Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Moms – they’re always doing things for us. During the holiday season this is a chance for us to do nice things for her. As you shop, be as thoughtful and creative as she always is for you. And when you find yourself still drawing a blank, we’ll have you covered!

For the bather

If your mom is all about taking an hour every few days to escape the pressure of motherhood and take a relaxing nap, make it even more relaxing by getting her this White Bath Pillow. Just make sure she doesn’t get so comfortable she falls asleep in the tub! $7

For the flower lover

If your mom is always picking up fresh flowers at the store (or is an active duster of her very pretty fake ones) get her a gorgeous vase this holiday season to go with them. We love this Mosaic Glass Vase and can imagine how beautiful red flowers would look in it! $20

For the wine-O

If your mom loves her vino, and she still hasn’t gotten herself an easy aerator, wrap up this Soiree Wine Aerator and give it to her this December. This is a great choice for a casual wine-o, as the aerator doesn’t slow down the pours by much! $20

For the lounger

If mom’s idea of a great night is curling up on the couch with a cup of tea, this Leaf Design Sofa Table is a must. We love the idea of having a table on the couch — avoid spills and continue to be lazy. Plus, when you’re home you can share it with her while you two chat about school and boys on the couch over coffee. $20

For the busiest mom

If you’re sick of mom saying “my phone is about to die!” get her this Emergency Solar Power Charger for her iPhone so that she can charge on the go and chat with you for more hours each day! $12



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