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Gifts For Mom Under $100 – Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Moms – they’re always doing things for us. During the holiday season this is a chance for us to do nice things for her. As you shop, be as thoughtful and creative as she always is for you. And when you find yourself still drawing a blank, we’ll have you covered!

For the non e-reader

If she reads every day, and you couldn’t keep up with her book wish list if you tried, she will absolutely love a BookSwim membership. Like Netflix, BookSwim delivers 3 books right to your door and you can keep them for as long as you want. $72 for 3 months

For the photo lover

If your mom takes photos constantly, she is always in need of more places to put the pics. This Family Tree Metal Picture Frame is a great place for her to display everything. Major bonus points if you pick, print and place the pictures yourself. $99

For the casual gardener

If your mom spends every weekend on her knees whispering to her petunias, this Year of Seeds may be below her. But if she wishes she could garden, but isn’t in it for the long haul, these 12 pots and seeds — including impatiens and sweet peas — will bring some extra color and happiness to her home. $80

For the snuggly mom

Has your mom had the same ratty robe for years? Time to upgrade her to the Micro Plush Robe from Brookstone. Everything they sell that promises comfort, always comes through, so we guarantee you’ll have a winner with this snuggly robe. $60

For the sleepy mama

This pillow will change your mom’s life. The TempurPedic Symphony Pillow is supportive and soft — and makes getting out of bed impossible. This would have been a problem a few years ago when she had to drive you to school, but now she can REALLY enjoy a few more minutes of sleep every morning with this pillow behind her head. $99



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