7 Qualities Our Ideal Guy Best Friend Has

Looking for the Gordo to your Lizzie? Every girl needs a best guy friend--one that always has her back! Here are the qualities of what we want our ideal best guy friends to be like. Guys of the world, take note! 

1. He'd live next door


The two of you grew up together. Somewhere, underneath where your mom keeps the sewing machine, is a photo album filled with embarrassing pictures of the two of you sharing a bubble bath. Your mothers gossip about the neighbors every Tuesday night on your patio, each with a glass of wine in hand while your fathers stand at the end of the driveway, bonding over sports and gadgets. You can look out of your window and see if his bedroom light is on or off. When you get home from college for the summer, he’s the first friend you see. You are always welcome at his house.

2. He’d protect you even when you don’t want him to


He covers for you with your parents. He pulls you aside at a party to make sure you know what you’re doing before you run off to hook up with the guy from your chem class. He gives your new boyfriend the “if you hurt her” speech without you knowing.

3. He’d be straight up with you


You can talk to him about anything. He’ll tell you what he thinks, no filter. He’ll give you a guy’s perspective on dating, clothing, and hookups. You’re not afraid to ask him for advice because you know he’s not going to judge you. He wants what’s best for you because he knows his mother would kill him if he wanted anything otherwise.

4. He’d force you outside of your comfort zone


He drags you out to see a weird movie that you end up loving. He forces you to come to a social gathering that you would have never gone to voluntarily. He dares you to try a foreign food he heard about on TV. He’s been apart of the majority of your first experiences: the first time driving yourself around without a parent in the car, your first time sneaking out of the house, your first road trip.

5. He’d never fall in love with you


And you would never fall in love with him. No matter how much your friends pester you, you both have an unvoiced understanding on the matter. There will never be rings, an altar or a white dress. At least between the two of you. 

6. He’d have a different group of friends 


Although he’s your best guy friend, you two aren’t attached to the hip. He has a group of friends that like basketball and Teen Wolf while you have your own group that enjoys shopping and finding new places (like the gym) to chill while you go on Tinder. While your two groups of friends merge every so often, it is not an everyday occurrence. There isn’t any bad blood between your separate friends; you two just enjoy having your own networks. 

7. He’d always be there


Even when you two are fighting, when you need him, he comes running. He’s walked you to your dorm room one night after you grudgingly admitted you were too afraid to walk home alone. He’s come to pick you up when your car stalled in the pouring rain. He has never ceased to amaze you with a new surprise every year on your birthday. He may have jerk tendencies, but you know you can always count on him.