22 Things You'll Only Understand If You Live With Your Best Friends

Moving in with your BFFs was definitely something you dreamed about in high school, so getting the keys to your first apartment together was probably one of the highlights of your life. But, is living with your besties really all that it is cracked up to be? F*ck yeah, it is! Living with your best friends is more than you ever expected, but you wouldn't want it any other way. Read below for 21 things that only people who live with their best friends will understand:

You start talking and acting like each other

And dressing like each other. And eating like each other. And doing basically every other thing ever like each other.

Bathroom doors are a thing of the past

Some things you just can't unsee.

Your wardrobe becomes much larger

*Sends risky text* "Hey, can I maybe possibly definitely borrow a shirt tonight?"

Boring things suddenly become fun

Chatting over morning coffee? Where do we sign up!? Oh, and don't even get us started on GROCERY SHOPPING!

Sharing is caring... except when it comes to food

You would take a bullet for your roomie-BFF, but they better f*cking not eat your left over Chipotle. 

Even the best of friends need their space sometimes

Everybody has their days.

Doing Sunday chores somehow becomes a full-out concert

"You got the vocals, I got the air guitar!"

The thought of moving out is equally terrifying and depressing

Can time, like, chill for a sec!?

Clothing is optional

Modesty is just not a thing when it comes to you and your BFFs.

Heart-to-hearts in the middle of the night will never not be a thing

It's like a 24/7 hotline for advice! 

You always have someone there to remind you to be healthy...

"Jenna, put the damn ice cream down."

...Or order an entire pizza, cheese fries and milkshakes at 2 a.m.

You both know that sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

You never have to worry about wearing a bad outfit

Because they will be the first ones to tell you that you look like shit.

They are your personal jumpman before any highly-anticipated night out

"You are f*cking flawless, so go slay the universe!" 

Random surprises don't just come from a significant other

Surprising your roomie with Starbucks is oddly gratifying!

Your periods are usually in sync

So, visitors should probably (definitely) stay away that week.

You aren't as weird or crazy as you thought

Disclaimer: You actually are extremely weird and crazy, but it is okay because they are too.

Some people will never know how to clean

You can love them, but you just can't change them.

Nobody can get on your nerves like they can

But, you have a two-second bounce back rate.

You never knew you could miss someone so much

They can't go home for the weekend? That is so insensitive to your feelings. 

If the door is locked, knock.

Nothing is more exciting than when your BFF has a boy sleep over––storytime, anyone?

Their happiness is your happiness

And their sadness is your sadness.

You just really f*cking love each other!

90 percent friends, 10 percent something more.