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20 Fall IG Captions To Get Your Grid Ready For Autumn

I don’t know about you, but fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and not just because of the coffee flavors (no more pumpkin spice latte slander, it’s good!). As the leaves start to brown, everyone is feeling a bit more settled on campus and you’ve finally found your sacred studying spot. It’s also time for apple picking, the pumpkin patch, homecoming, and breaking out your fall wardrobe (because who doesn’t love throwing on the perfect cozy sweater?!). With all of these activities plus Halloween and Thanksgiving in the mix, Instagram content will be at an all-time high. And when there’s supply, there’s a demand… for Instagram captions, that is. 

Whether you want to post a fall-themed picture with your besties in sweater vests or just a photo of yourself in a pile of leaves (why not? 2013 Tumblr is making a comeback, so why can’t this, too?), here are 20 Instagram captions for your fall photos this season. 

you’re the apple of my eye

Home is wherever I’m with you (sing it with me)!

it’s foliage szn

Perfect for a nature pic!


For a sweatshirt or cozy sweater pic.

hey fall, i like you

Short and sweet!

sweater weather

The Neighbourhood is an absolute must on the fall playlist.

in my lorelai gilmore era

Now I just need a cup of “coffee, coffee, coffee!”

trick or treat

This one never goes out of style.

feeling like fall

Simple and versatile!

coat check

The perfect caption to show off your fabulous fall coat.

will be crunching leaves until further notice

There truly is nothing more satisfying.

sittin’ chilly

And pretty, OFC!

sweet like cinnamon

Can only read this in Lana Del Rey’s voice, TBH.

it’s giving… thanks

I will be stealing this one for myself!

spicing things up

Perfect for a solo pic!

wrapped up 🧣

For a lil scarf moment.

’tis the damn season

Folklore and Evermore on repeat.

ghost gang 👻

Calling all my Lonely Ghost and Indy Blue stans!

is it too early to start watching elf?

Asking for a friend.

best time of year

Pumpkins, candy corn, cozy socks… Say less!

squad ghouls

For a bestie pic!

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