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You Can Earn Free Travel With EF Ultimate Break’s Ambassador Program

Take it from me: Traveling while in college can bring you some of your best memories across all the years you’ll be in school. My own study abroad experience in England was cut short by the pandemic, but I’ll always fondly look back on the times I explored the museums and tourist sights, took a quick flight to a neighboring country in Europe, and met new people who loved travel just like me. And now, through EF Ultimate Break’s Campus Ambassador Program, college students who have the travel bug can take their wanderlust to the next level.

The Campus Ambassador Program is seeking “students that are interested in adventure,” Katie Rathbun, Brand Manager and Ambassador Program administrator at EF Ultimate Break, tells Her Campus. “They’re active in campus life or have that strong online presence, and like to make new friends, talk to their peers, and — of course — travel to see the world.”

If that sounds like you, you may be able to advance your career, earn travel credit toward future trips, and become part of a larger network of travel lovers. Sounds like a dream, right?

EF Ultimate Break Kenya
EF Ultimate Break

What is the EF Ultimate Break Campus Ambassador Program?

According to Rathbun, here’s who’s eligible to become a Campus Ambassador:

  • You’ve either traveled with EF Ultimate Break in the past, or have a trip booked with them for the future.
  • You’re currently enrolled at a college or university (undergrad, graduate, and postdoctoral are all fine!).
  • You fit EF’s age demographic of 18 to 35.

As for what your day-to-day might look like as an Ambassador, Rathbun explains, “All ambassadors are going to go through a mandatory orientation. They’re going to learn about Ultimate Break, our brand history, benefits, the sales process, all of that. So we’re really going to make sure they’re well versed in who we are and they’re going to take that knowledge and bring it to their friends.”

From there, you’ll be posting on social media about EF Ultimate Break, hanging flyers around campus, hosting campus events to talk about Ultimate Break, and giving out discounts for first-time travelers.

You’ll also be partaking in some professional development training. Francesca Murgidi, a current Campus Ambassador and senior at West Chester University, says, “My favorite part of joining the Brand Ambassador Program would definitely be the community aspect of meeting other travelers and other ambassadors, and the professional development trainings we have. They have provided me with more knowledge that I cannot wait to bring to the table in my career.” Murgidi’s already been on a half dozen tours, retreats, and trips with EF so far, ranging from Iceland to Greece and Spain, to name a few, so you know that EF can help you go places.

EF Ultimate Break Italy
EF Ultimate Break

Campus Ambassadors get some pretty cool perks.

One of the biggest perks is undoubtedly what the Ambassador Program will do for your career development, something that sets it apart from other programs. “There’s an element of professional development that we think is really going to aid and assist anyone who participates in this program to be within that next generation of sales and marketing leadership in their professional lives,” says Brian Hoyt, Vice President of Public Relations at EF.

Rathbun explains, “We’re going to have … trainings for the ambassadors to go through, whether it’s with people from our team, people outside of our team, [or] extra things for them to learn about marketing, sales, service, and social media stuff, which they’re going to be doing a lot of.” That’s on top of the real-world experience you’ll already be getting with event planning, public speaking, and more in your regular Ambassador duties.

Another perk? “One other great benefit of the ambassador program [is being] given a first look at career opportunities at EF,” Murgidi reveals. “I was extremely fortunate to be a Social Media & Community Intern with EF, where I learned even more about what work truly goes into EF Ultimate Break behind the scenes. I feel my internship truly prepared me to confidently begin to look for jobs post-graduation.”

And if all that still isn’t enough to entice you, Rathbun adds, “Of course, the best perk is getting that free travel for themselves.” That’s right — being an Ambassador will help you earn credit toward future trips with EF. What more could you ask for?

EF Ultimate Break Greece
EF Ultimate Break

You can apply to become a Campus Ambassador now.

You can find the application on EF Ultimate Break’s website, and thankfully, it’s super simple. But if you’re looking for ways to stand out, the content you’re putting out on social media can help. 

“We’re really looking for that travel-based content,” Rathbun says. “Of course, the travel doesn’t always need to be with Ultimate Break, but just something that showcases the type of content that they create and that again, … they obviously have a presence on campus and they love traveling.”

The biggest channels EF Ultimate Break is looking at? “TikTok, Instagram, and increasingly, Pinterest,” Hoyt says. These are the channels that help EF best reach the Gen Z student population, so they’ll be especially focused on seeing what you’ve posted to those platforms.

If you’re on the fence about applying, Murgidi says, “Just do it! Learn by doing, and participate in the training experiences they offer. I have truly learned so much from the company and have loved getting to meet travelers from all over the country. And let’s not forget about the benefit of getting to travel — I mean, who doesn’t love the opportunity to earn free trips?!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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