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Read This If You Want To Throw The Best (And Most Eco-Friendly!) Pizza Party

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Whether you’re sick of the food in the dining halls or you’re just looking for some quality time with your besties, nothing brings people together better than pizza. So grab a pie from your fave spot near campus and share it with the people you love. And, because it’s October and *officially* National Pizza Month, now is the perfect time to come together over a few slices…did someone say pizza party?! (PS – ICYMI, you can recycle pizza boxes!)

Before your hangout, you should follow these steps to make sure you have everything organized so you can enjoy a fun, chill, and eco-friendly night.

Send your invitations. 

Once you figure out how big the party will be and who you want to invite (which TBH, may or may not depend on how many people can fit in your dorm at once…), it’s time to send out your invites! You can either make your own cute handwritten save-the-dates, or design and print out a fun card to deliver in person. Or you can make a group chat with all your besties to invite them. No matter how you want to welcome your guests to your party, be sure to include the date, time, and location. 

Make a playlist.

Do you want to have a chill night and put on some Lo-fi? Or are you looking to get the energy up with some pop? Either way, no party is complete without music, and making a playlist ahead of time will help you set the vibes for the hangout sesh and eliminate any potential aux-anxiety so you can focus on your guests and truly enjoy your pizza.

Ask for everyone’s favorite toppings.

Pretty much everyone likes pizza – but they may get particular about what’s on it. Some people swear by Hawaiian pizza, and others only eat pizza with mushrooms. To make sure that your guests have at least one pie they’ll be drooling over, ask for what their favorite toppings are! And remember: always ask for dietary restrictions.

Decide where to order your pizza from.

If you and your friends have a local pizza spot that’s a crowd-pleaser, then – without a doubt – order it from there! But if you don’t have a pizza preference, then consider choosing to order a pie from a restaurant close to campus so you can pick it up on foot. Not only will skipping the delivery be more sustainable, but it’ll also save you some money! After all, delivery fees have truly gotten out of control (and if you’re on a college budget, saving that extra $10+ will go a long way!)

Buy paper plates, cups, and napkins.

Depending on if you live in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, you might not have enough kitchenware to go around. So, head to the store and buy some paper products! Having paper plates, paper cups, and paper napkins will help you at the end of the night with a quick and easy clean-up. And paper products are made from recycled paper and trees – which is a sustainable and renewable resource, and nearly twice the volume of trees are planted as are used to make paper products here in the U.S. So, not only will you be eco-friendly, you also will save a ton of time on the party clean-up. 

Check out your local recycling guidelines and recycle your pizza box.

Even though pizza boxes belong in the recycling bin in most places, there are some areas that still don’t take them yet. So, before your pizza party, be sure to check out your local guidelines and see if your college town allows it. If it does, then simply brush out the crumbs, fully empty, and flatten the box, and it’s ready to be recycled! If you can’t recycle your pizza box in your area yet, you can compost it.

Is anyone else’s stomach suddenly growling?? 

For more information about how to recycle paper and pizza boxes, head to HowLifeUnfolds.com.

Here’s to a delicious and eco-friendly pizza party! 

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