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How To Channel Your Inner Drew Barrymore

From feeling the rain on her skin to enjoying the little things in life, Drew Barrymore embodies what it means to be a free spirit, and we all strive to be her. The star started as a child actress in the classic movie ET and then went on to become one of Hollywood’s beloved actresses with many hit roles, such as Never Been Kissed and 50 First Dates. She also hosts her own talk show where she spreads positivity and inspiration.

Barrymore lives a carefree life, but it wasn’t always this way. At a young age, she was exposed to the party scene, mental health struggles, and alcoholism. Now, she’s using her struggles to redefine her life and live in a worry-free and happy way. 

Today, her light shines through in her social media where she shares her authenticity, optimism, and shows what it means to heal your inner child. Recently, the star posted a video of her out in the rain encouraging her followers to run out in the rain whenever they get the opportunity. Since then, people have taken her advice as they remake the video and let their worries go as rain comes down. In a world of troubling times, I think we could all learn a thing or two from Drew Barrymore — here’s how to channel her contagious, carefree energy. 

Stop and smell the roses (literally).

Drew Barrymore has had a fast-paced life, so she takes time to stop and live in the moment whether that means dancing in the rain, finding the finer things in life, or maybe actually stopping to smell the roses on a walk home. There are so many beautiful things in life that are often overlooked by worries or stressors, but if you take time for yourself to appreciate the small things, those worries will lessen. 

In a 2012 study done by Rutgers University, professor Nancy Fagley found that appreciation through connecting to aspects of nature and living in the present moment led to an increase in life satisfaction and happiness overall. Though “stopping to smell the roses” is cliche, the phrase holds some good advice as seen through Barrymore’s life: it advises you to slow down, enjoy the moment, and practice gratitude for life.

Appreciate how far you’ve come.

Barrymore is often reminiscent of her upbringing and how younger Drew would be so proud of how far she has come. When you acknowledge how far you’ve come, even if it’s small, you will give yourself emotional freedom and allow yourself to let go of self-doubt. Barrymore is able to be so carefree now because she has appreciated her growth and has let go of the burden of her past struggles. 

The mindset that your struggles do not define you and you have the potential to grow is known as a growth mindset. According to Help Guide, there is a link between resilience and mental health — going through hard times or becoming resilient makes you less afraid of the future or experiences.

Do activities that will heal your inner child.

Your childhood is full of developmental years, and when those years are filled with trauma or pain, distress can show up in your adult life. Addressing this pain as an adult is known as healing your inner child, and that is what Barrymore has done. According to Healthline, there are tips that are a great starting point to heal your inner child, which include: 

  • Acknowledge your inner child. This is all about acknowledging the pain you went through as a child. Once you understand their existence, you can start to understand their impact. 
  • Listen to the needs of your inner child. There might be an overlap of emotions that you experience in your adulthood that you also experienced in your childhood, such as abandonment or insecurity. Tracing these feelings back to specific childhood events can help you understand how you need to heal. 
  • Bring back the joy of childhood. If your childhood lacked positive experiences, then make those positive memories in your adult life and get in touch with your playful side. Barrymore has rekindled the happy emotions of her youth through fun activities like dancing in the rain.
Let go of attachment to a certain outcome.

Being carefree means worrying less about what’s out of your control. The first step to doing this is releasing the attachment to a certain outcome. This means letting go of expectations you had for yourself or goals. In the long run, this will shift your mind from fears and allows you to enjoy the journey you are on. When you don’t have an attachment to a certain outcome, you allow yourself to experience outcomes that are different from what you expected, but even better.  Barrymore did this when she founded an affordable beauty brand in 2012, FLOWER beauty, and it’s now a successful brand in multiple stores across the world.

Simply do things that are fun to you.

One of the joys of Barrymore’s social media is her being authentically herself. She never shies away from showing what makes her happy, such as tearing down pieces of her reno project or singing her favorite songs. To be carefree means to do things that take your worries away. Find your definition of fun, laugh a lot, spend time with the people you love, and most of all, channel your inner Drew Barrymore because she is the epitome of carefree and fun.

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