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Diet Coke Is Having a Bev Party at Your College, So Obviously Homework Can Wait

Everybody needs a study break now and then, especially when college feels just so busy all the time. But instead of relaxing in the same old, routine way with a face mask and 30-minute nap, why not do something feel-good and seriously fun with your friends?

Lucky for everyone, your favorite zero-calorie sparkling bev (Diet Coke, what else) is hitting the road and coming to campuses across the country for the ultimate tour. So, instead of watching Friends for the tenth time, you can take a study break with the Diet Coke College Campus Tour and find some inspo instead.

The Diet Coke College Campus Tour

Diet Coke is making every part of the day the best part, with a constantly evolving space that brings a little excitement to the everyday things you’re already doing.

Because mornings are hard (9am-12pm) 

Grab a Diet Coke and some words of encouragement as you’re going to class, hustling to work, or heading to a workout to start your day.

Because the afternoon slump is real (12-5pm) 

Get a midday boost while hanging out between classes with Diet Coke at your one-stop-destination for exploration, inspiration, procrastination – all the -ations! Enjoy samples of all the Diet Coke flavors while testing out your skills on a Rubik’s cube, hula hoop or ukulele, and customizing your “because statement” laptop sticker.

Because weekdays are the new weekends (5pm-8pm)

After spending a long day in class, come relax and have fun at off-campus Diet Coke bar takeovers with delicious mocktails and cocktails (for the 21+ crowd) featuring the new flavors of Diet Coke, all while potentially discovering a new local performer or relaxing with friends.

Because just two more episodes (8pm onward)

Enjoy the ultimate binge-watching experience provided by Diet Coke, featuring popular shows and movies on Diet Coke’s signature screen, complete with showtime creature comforts and ice-cold samples of your favorite flavors.

Yes, this whole thing is actually as cool as it sounds. It’s basically an all-day escape at school, and we’re here for it.  

Because homework can wait, you can catch the tour at any of the following schools*:


Bryant University - March 7 

o    University of South Carolina - March 7

o    University of Texas, Dallas - March 7

o    Palomar College - March 7

o    University of Texas at Austin - March 11

o    Clemson University - March 12

o    University of Toledo - March 12

o    Cal State Long Beach - March 13

o    Texas State University - March 13-14

o    Bowling Green State University - March 14

o    UNC Charlotte - March 15

o    Providence College - March 18 

o    University of Akron - March 19

o    University of Rhode Island - March 20

o    NC State University - March 20

o  University of Southern California - March 20

o  Texas Southern University - March 20

o    East Carolina University - March 21

o  University of Houston - March 21

o    The Ohio State University - March 21

o    Pepperdine University - March 22

o  Rice University - March 22

o    Cal State Bakersfield - March 25

o  University of Louisiana at Lafayette - March 26

o    University of Kentucky - March 26

o    University of Connecticut - March 26

o    College of Charleston - March 26

o    University of Hartford - March 27

o    Eastern Kentucky University - March 27

o    Georgia Southern University - March 27

o    Louisiana State University - March 27

o    Southern University, Baton Rouge - March 28

o    University of Central Florida - April 1

o    Tulane University - April 1

o    Vanderbilt University - April 2

o    University of New Orleans - April 2

o  University of Idaho - April 3

o    Seton Hall University - April 3

o    Ole Miss - April 4

o  Washington State University - April 4

o    Rutgers University - April 4

o    University of Miami - April 5

o    Maryville University - April 8

o  University of Washington - April 8

o    Florida Atlantic University - April 8

o    University of Southern Mississippi - April 8

o    Southeastern Louisiana University - April 9

o    University of Louisiana Monroe - April 10

o    University of Missouri - St. Louis - April 10

o   University of Pennsylvania - April 10

o  Bellevue College - April 10

o    Grambling State University - April 11

o    University of South Florida - April 11 & 13

o    Washington University St. Louis- April 11

o    Villanova University - April 12

o    Seattle University - April 12

o  Southeastern University - April 12

o    Temple University - April 13

o    Georgetown University - April 15

o    Florida State University - April 15

o   George Mason University - April 16

o    University of Missouri - April 16

o    University of Oklahoma - April 16 & 17

o    University of Portland - April 17

o    University of Missouri - Kansas City - April 18

o    Auburn University - April 18

o    University of Iowa- April 20

o    Iowa State - April 22

o    West Virginia University - April 22

o    University of Alabama - April 24

o    Colorado State University - April 24 & 26

o    Cornell College - April 26

o   Penn Relays - April 25 -27

o    University of Tennessee - April 26

o    University of Northern Iowa- April 29

o    Cal Poly University - April 29

o  Virginia Tech - April 29 or 30

o   St. John’s University - May 2

o    University of Minnesota - May 2

o    Stony Brook University - May 10

o    University of San Diego - May 8

We can’t wait to hang with you on the road for the Diet Coke College Campus Tour! For more information on Diet Coke, head to dietcoke.com.

*Schedule subject to change

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

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