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12 Colleges Offering Enrollment Options To Displaced UArts Students

On May 31, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia abruptly announced its impending closure, blindsiding students and faculty and leaving many scrambling to figure out their next steps. 

According to a statement released May 31, UArts is working on building “seamless transfer pathways” for its students to finish their degrees at other colleges. However, many students still feel shocked and scared for their futures — not to mention frustrated with the lack of notice given to them by the university, which is set to close June 7, a mere seven days after the announcement of its closure. 

“I think the uncomfortable thing is really, that there was no plan,” said Daisy Fried, assistant adjunct professor of poetry at UArts, in a June 3 interview with WHYY News. “A responsible institution doesn’t do this a week before they shut down.”

Additionally, UArts abruptly canceled its June 3 information session that was meant to provide students with answers about their academic futures, replacing the session with an online form for students to submit questions that will (hopefully) be answered by school officials at a later date. Protestors gathered on the South Broad Street campus in response to the sudden closure and lack of information surrounding it, with students demanding answers from the university and expressing frustration about the situation.

But not all hope is lost: Multiple colleges and universities have stepped up to support these displaced students. Many schools have opened their doors to UArts students, offering automatic enrollment for transfers, while others are still requiring students to apply, but waiving application fees and expediting the admissions process. Because this is a developing situation, some schools have yet to specify exactly how they plan to accommodate transfers, but have made statements indicating they will do so. 

Here’s a list of colleges offering enrollment options to UArts Students in order to help them complete the education they set out to receive.

1. Maryland Institute College of Art

In a statement on its website, MICA committed to matching or exceeding students’ current financial aid and scholarship packages; providing on-campus, apartment-style housing; degree completion programs utilizing all of students’ already-earned UArts credits; and dedicated admissions counselors for one-on-one assistance during the transfer process.

2. Drexel University

“We understand how difficult this transition time will be for UArts students and their families,” Drexel president John Fry said in a statement on Drexel’s website. According to its website, Drexel has already reached out to current students, first-year students, and multiple high school counselors, and has expressed commitment to making the transition as seamless as possible. Additionally, Drexel’s 50% tuition discount program will be extended to UArts students interested in attending.

3. Temple University

Temple University posted a statement on it website welcoming displaced UArts students. Though the school hasn’t released more information yet, it has made it clear that the administration intends to make the transition from UArts to Temple as smooth as possible. 

4. Point Park University

Point Park University is offering automatic acceptance for the fall of 2024 to UArts transfer students in the aftermath of the closure. “Point Park University recognizes how traumatic the closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia is for affected students,” reads a statement posted on the Point Park website. The school will also provide one semester of free residence hall housing for up to 75 UArts students. 

5. Moore College of Art and Design

The Moore College of Art and Design is offering fast-track acceptance to women, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming UArts students for the fall of 2024. Moore’s website assures UArts students that the school is financially healthy (unlike UArts, apparently), and that the school will continue to make investments in its campus, facilities, and students.

6. Saint Joseph’s University

SJU stated on it website that the school is ready to provide a seamless pathway from UArts for displaced students. UArts’ art, art education, art history, graphic design, and music degree programs have an equivalent or comparable program at SJU.

7. La Salle University

La Salle is offering a virtual transfer informational event at 3 p.m. on June 6 for UArts students exclusively, per its website. Additionally, La Salle has committed to providing displaced UArts students with at least equal financial aid and scholarships, up to 90 transfer credits, and preferential housing assignments, ensuring roommate pairs who come together from UArts can remain together. 

8. Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University has committed to providing a pathway to degree completion for UArts students. The school has waived the application fee and is only requiring official transcripts to be reviewed for admission, as well as offering scholarships to transfer students. 

9. Rowan University

Rowan University is also offering spots to transfer students from UArts, with four undergraduate degree programs for art students. Transfer applications are still open, and fees will be waived. 

10. The School of Visual Arts

SVA NYC is currently accepting applications from UArts students for fall 2024 and spring 2025. Students will be provided with application fee waivers, dedicated assistance from a counselor, expedited application material review, review for generous merit scholarships, need-based offerings, upper-level transfer placements, and on-campus housing.  

11. Rutgers University

Per a statement on Rutgers’ website, UArts students will have the opportunity to transfer into multiple programs in Rutgers’ art and design, dance, filmmaking, music, and theater programs. Students should fill out transfer applications no later than June 15. 

12. Rider University

Rider University has created a comprehensive plan to help UArts students in the wake of the closure, including waiving application and audition fees. Rider will also be offering individualized admissions and financial aid counseling services to displaced students.

This list will be updated as more schools announce pathways for accepting UArts transfers.

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