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Courtesy of Drunk Elephant, Ohza, OUAI

BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: Detox Shampoo, Canned Mimosas, & More Spring Essentials

The Her Campus National Editors write about products we love and think you’ll love too. Her Campus has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. All products are in stock and all prices are accurate as of publication.

Meet Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of cute, chic, funny, or just truly essential things our editors are buying right now. Because we like to shop, and you like to shop, so let’s shop together, shall we? RIP to our bank accounts. 

Detox Shampoo

OUAI, sephora.com, $30; shop now

OUAI’s new Detox Shampoo is ? I’ve been washing my hair way less in quarantine, because I tend to use less styling product than I would when going out. But my hair is still dirty, and after six days with no washing, this detox shampoo makes my scalp feel so refreshed and clean again. Also the scent is OUAI’s famous “Melrose Place” which I can’t get enough of—Jen Atkins really did it again. – Gina

Damask Rose CBD Body Butter

Sow Eden, soweden.com, $50; shop now

This was my first ever CBD-infused product, and I’m so impressed. Not only does this stuff smell amazing and make my skin noticeably softer, it helps with my overall mood. Applying rose-hip oil topically has a lot of benefits and when it’s mixed into a creamy body balm…*chefs kiss* – Maddie

Orange Mimosas

Ohza, ohzamimosas.com, $36, shop now

I just discovered Ohza Mimosas last week, and I cannot get enough of them. No more running out of OJ or wondering if you poured too much champagne (if there is such a thing), because everything is pre-mixed and ready to drink right of the can. Brunch time is now all of the time. – Sammi

Sili Body Lotion

Drunk Elephant, sephora.com, $20; shop now

I thank Drunk Elephant every day for bringing marula oil into my life. I love to slather it on my face and hair for all those good fatty acids. The new Sili Body Lotion has marula butter as a primary ingredient, and I’ve never felt so moisturized? It makes me appreciate having this extra time to devote to body care and skin health. – Gina

Gina was formerly the Beauty & Culture Editor at Her Campus, where she oversaw content and strategy for the site's key verticals. She was also the person behind @HerCampusBeauty, and all those other glowy selfies you faved. She got her start in digital media as a Campus Correspondent at HC Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she graduated in 2017 with degrees in English and Theater. Now, Gina is an LA-based writer and editor, and you can regularly find her wearing a face mask in bed and scrolling through TikTok.