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4 TikTok-Favorite College Party Themes To Try This Spring

The college experience is truly one of a kind. From homecoming to graduation, attending college brings so many memorable moments. But of course, if there’s one thing that every student and alum will reminisce about, it’s the college parties. Whether it’s a huge campus-wide celebration, a fraternity or sorority house party, or a chill get-together with friends, students can agree that going to a college party is a whole new world!

The spring semester is wrapping up, which  means there are tons of reasons to celebrate! Plus, 2023 is all about trying new things, so that means new outfits, new college courses, and of course, new party themes. But you might be thinking, I want to have a party, but I’m not sure what theme to try. Well, don’t worry because once again, TikTok has the answers! I went on TikTok to find what kind of parties college kids from around the country are having, and the creativity is through the roof! So without further ado, here are five college party themes that will make your shindig one to remember.

’80s Aspen Ski Party

This party theme has been making rounds across TikTok, and I’m already in love! Students are dressing up in puffer coats, beanies, and snow goggles to attend ski lodge-themed parties. Now the ski theme isn’t entirely new, but there’s a variation that’s extremely popular: make it Aspen. Oh, and make it the ‘80s. I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to go to this party! With the ‘80s vibes added in, that means bright colors like neon green and those polarized ski glasses. Add in some party lights and snowy decorations, and you’ve got yourself a real life ski lodge. (Bonus points if it’s at an actual ski lodge!)

Y2k Party

Every Gen Zer has been obsessed with Y2K. Prevalent in the late ‘90s and rooted in Black culture (shout out to Destiny’s Child), this popular aesthetic has been adopted by today’s generation and blended with styles from the early ‘90s, 2000s, and even the 2010s. The great thing about this theme is that you can be super creative with it! Y2K is super colorful, so decorating with bright colors like hot pink and purple makes the scene pop. You can also grab anything shiny or silver to add some sparkle. These Amazon disco lights are very popular, too! Want to make this party even more fun for your guests? Ask them to bring a digital camera, or have a digital camera photo booth! Not only will it fit the theme, but the pictures will look like you came straight out of the early 2000s. Y2K is always getting reinvented, so this is the perfect way to celebrate nostalgia while still adding your own twist.

White Lies Party

white lie party except I couldn’t find everyone so dis is it #MillennialsOfTikTok #DidYouKnow #fyp

♬ original sound – maddi mill$

This theme is already super popular on college campuses, but it’s 2023, so let’s spice things up. All you need is a white T-shirt, a marker, and a teeny-tiny white lie. These Hanes T-shirts come in a pack of four, so you and your besties can all decorate together. You can cut them into a crop top or even a v-neck, too. It’s a great way to poke fun at yourself and let loose. You can be super creative with what you write, too! Prompts can vary from your type to things you like or dislike, or even certain things that you may or may not have done. Some even put their social media handles on the back of the shirt. It’s a great way to start conversations with others, mix and mingle, and learn a fun fact!

Pajama Party

We took “matching Christmas PJs” to a whole new level! 😎💕🎄 #christmasparty #christmaspajamas #pajamajam #pajamaparty #ravenelyse

♬ original sound – Raven Elyse

A pajama party is perfect for anyone who struggles figuring out what to wear to an outing. And it’s super easy because… well, it’s pajamas! There are so many directions you could take this theme, too. For a college girls night, try matching silk pajama sets and have a sleepover. You could also make it super fun by having guests wear footie pajamas and have a contest to see which is the best! Decorating is limitless, too. For a super girly vibe, all pink is perfect, or you can be cozy and make the space look like a giant bed with numerous blankets and pillows. It would definitely be hard to go to sleep at this party!

I hope this list gives you and your besties some ideas, or inspires you to create your own party theme. There are so many fun ways to party, and these themes bring out creativity. College is a special time in your life, so enjoy it all you can with your friends and make some long-lasting memories!

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