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Change Your Password from Hackable to Uncrackable

You probably have some pretty important information stored away on your computer and in the vast, unknown space of the Internet, and you probably want it to be as protected as it can be. But do you know how long it takes someone to access all that information just by cracking your password? Not many people know this number, but Intel is hosting Password Day on May 7th to inform people that it could take up to a year for the password to be cracked, or as little as hundredths of a second.

There are tons of sneaky and dangerous computer viruses floating around, some of them aimed solely at breaking past your password and into your private data. But by using Intel’s password tester, you can be one more step ahead of computer hackers. And it couldn’t be easier to test out your password. Simply click on over to the testing site, type in the password you want to be graded, and then check out the instant results! If you find out your password is incredibly easy to decode, you’re not alone. But by learning this fact, you then have the opportunity to create a new and improved password! Intel will also provide information on how to strengthen your password, and this education is their goal of Password Day.

But gaining extra security isn’t the only thing you can get out of Password Day. When you test out your password on their site, you can be entered to win an Ultrabook that will be given way through May 27th. So when you create a new, foolproof password, you can start using it on a brand new laptop. Now that’s some serious spring cleaning that sounds a lot better than organizing your dorm room.

It’s time to throw out that old password that you’ve been using since middle school when you had an online chat room screen name. Make the move to throw out some of the old, unneeded things in your life, starting with something as simple as an ineffective password. Test out multiple options and find a new, stronger password that works for you.


Hannah is a senior studying journalism at Boston University.  Originally from Ohio, she loves the Ohio State Buckeyes but couldn’t be more thrilled to be living in the exciting city of Boston. When not staying busy with journalism or French classes, she can be found working out at the gym with the BU club gymnastics team, teaching swim lessons at the pool, and always drinking lots of coffee. As a member of BU’s Kappa Delta chapter, she loves being involved on campus and getting to know as many people as she can. She is so happy to have a chance to work with the Her Campus team, and she can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!
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