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Can I Please Just Whine For a Minute? Sample Sales, Lack of Gym Etiquette and more!

Collegiette: Hey Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister, got a second?
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: Yeah, a minute. What’s up?
Collegiette: Can I please just whine for a minute about – –
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: No, talk to you later. Bye.

Sound familiar? We all have our #collegietteproblems that we need to vent about, but sometimes those on the other end get sick of hearing us complain about that girl in the salad line who is still debating chicken vs. tofu when she’s first in line of 50 or that guy in our Chem class who asks questions when class is over. Hello — I have places to be!

Luckily, you can give your loved ones a break and now complain to Her Campus. Let us know what’s irking you every week by dropping us an anonymous whine — just submit via the form at the end of the article or tweet them in to @HerCampus using the hashtag #collegietteproblems. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

Oh, hey there, ratchet girls. I wish I could be like you guys and get away with putting no effort towards my attitude and appearance. But I don’t look like a hot mess. Ever. Can you please explain to me how you acquired all that gorgeous man candy and I didn’t? I want some delicious man candy, too! Why don’t I have a boyfriend? I’m fun! I’m cute! I don’t understand…
– Eastern Kentucky University

I went to the silent floor of the library for a reason. I don’t need to hear every word of your phone call! Get out of the stairway, everyone can still hear you!
– Northeastern University

Isn’t it just the greatest when the first guy you’ve liked in years is in a serious long term relationship already? #foreveralone
– University of Miami

Senior Year is always touted as the best year you’ll ever have in college, that it’s tons of fun, you go out all the time, basically that have the time of your life. It’s becoming more and more clear that this isn’t the case. I’m doing more work than I ever have before in college, and trying to figure out what I’m doing next year on top of that. Add to that the time I want to spend with my friends, and there’s no room for anything else, including sleep! Can I just not have to worry about being a real person after graduation?
– Boston College

I hate it when people sit at the library jamming on their headphones and drumming on the table. Um, HELLO?! It’s called a library!
– Cornell University

Going to a different college than my boyfriend sucks. I hardly see him anymore. He’s a charismatic, good-looking chunk of meat. He’s always too busy for me now.
– Carson Community College

You claim you don’t care about this class. WHY do you answer EVERY single question then?! Seriously NO ONE can get a word in because you’re always telling irrelevant stories about the hard times in your life. I’m not here to give you sympathy; I need to actually learn the material from the professor, not from your annoying voice.
– Emmanuel College

I hate how rude my suitemate is. She never says hi or smiles but she tweets about me and my boyfriend without talking to me about it first. I think I’m nice and approachable, and if you have a problem talk to me about it. And nobody wants to switch into my residence hall, so I’m stuck and never feel comfortable in my room. Awesome.
– Boston University

I really wish I had the money to shop every time a sale email appears in my inbox. Why can’t everything I pin on Pinterest just appear in my closet?
– Northeastern University

How is it that every single seat at the library seems to be taken? I only have time to study at night; I have things to do during the day! Is it that the university doesn’t want me to be able to crack a book? My room only has one desk in it that I share — and it’s so difficult to concentrate in my room! Add more seats — and more outlets while you’re at it!
– Boston College

People always get on the elliptical or treadmill right next to mine — even when there’s a whole empty row in front of me. PET PEEVE.
– Boston College

My roommate constantly eats in the room…with her mouth open. If I have to listen to the noises for much longer, I promise I will go insane.
– Ithaca College

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Cara Sprunk has been the Managing Editor of Her Campus since fall 2009. She is a 2010 graduate of Cornell University where she majored in American Studies with a concentration in cultural studies. At Cornell Cara served as the Assistant Editor of Red Letter Daze, the weekend supplement to the Cornell Daily Sun where she also wrote for the news and arts section and blogged about pop culture. In her free time Cara enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, exploring and writing.  
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