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Your Best Quality, According to Your Zodiac Sign (And, Well, Me)

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One of the reasons zodiac signs are so insightful and amazing is that they help us learn about ourselves. Keep in mind that you are not limited to your sun sign -- you have a full birth chart to look at that makes up every aspect of your personality. Make sure to check out your full chart here to accompany this list!

While every zodiac sign comes with positive and negative traits, I'm only going to focus on the positive, because we need more good vibes, okay? So here is your best quality based on your zodiac sign, since we're just trying to celebrate you.

Aries: You Know What You Deserve (and won’t accept anything less)

The ever confident and fiery Aries is always determined. If you’re an Aries you have your eyes on the prize at all times and won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. You never let anyone stand in your way from coming out on top.

Taurus: You’re Loyal 

The sign that will always have your back no matter what is definitely Taurus. Once you are in their corner they will defend you to the end and they will always be there for you when you need them. They are very dependable and stick by you through the good and the bad. A Taurus will probably be your most long lasting friend.

Gemini: You’re Creative

Gemini’s are constantly being reminded about their dual personalities, but they can serve them well especially in the creative realm. Gemini’s dual personalities allow them to tackle creative projects from every angle, giving them a unique advantage over others. Your creativity is always running through you.

Cancer: You’re Independent

If you’re a Cancer you would prefer to take care of everything by yourself than to ask for help. Your independent nature means that you are incredibly self-sufficient and this helps you to focus on what is important. Your goals are always on your mind and you are able to construct a plan and achieve it all on your own.

Leo: You’re Easy to Get Along With

Leos are always looking for a good time and they want you to join in on their fun. Leos are always being told that they only think about being the center of attention but they want everyone to bask in it with them (after they have had their required dose of the spotlight). Leos are easy to get along with because they just want everyone to enjoy themselves.

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Virgo: You’re Great at Giving Advice

Since Virgo’s are so detail-oriented; they are really good at seeing both sides of things and cutting through the bullshit. They will tell it like it is and give you the advice that you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. If you want it straight up then ask a Virgo. They can’t help but be extremely honest.

Libra: Your Kind Nature 

Libra is the sign that wants to make sure that everyone is having a good time. They are empathetic and genuinely care about the feelings of others. Libras will do everything they can to make you feel better and will surround you with positive vibes until you do.

Scorpio: You’re Intuitive

Never lie to a Scorpio because they already know it’s a lie before you’ve even decided to let the words fall out of your mouth. Scorpios are so intuitive and they know instinctively who to trust and who to cut out of their lives. Another reason to never lie to a Scorpio is that they are the Kings/Queens of revenge. So don’t get on their bad side.

Sagittarius: You’re Adventurous

Sagittarius is a sign that is always looking for the next adventure. They will make any mundane activity fun and exciting. They are thrill seekers who don’t want to be cooped up inside for long. They want the thrill of something new at all times and are likely to be the daredevil of the group.

Capricorn: You’re Resilient 

No matter what life throws at you, Capricorn, you are always able to push forward. Capricorns know how to handle every situation because they have been through it all. Your resilience is the strongest thing about you and it propels you to success especially in your work life.

Aquarius: You’re Progressive

Aquarians are born knowing where the world needs to be. They are very passionate about equal rights and will be the first to debate against anyone who is not open-minded. Due to their progressive nature, they are non-judgmental and can make amazing friends.

Pisces: You’re Selfless

Pisces are always putting the needs of others over their own. They are usually the first to offer help in any situation and they strive to do good in this world. Pisceans are very friendly and you will rarely hear a negative comment come out of their mouth.  

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