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The Best Coed Group Halloween Costumes for 2014

One of the best parts about Halloween is being with your friends. While it might be easier to figure out a solo costume, group costumes are 10 times more fun! They may take a little more time and coordination, but with a great group and the right supplies, you can create some awesome coed group costumes that will sure to be the talk of the party.

1. Frozen

Really wanted to dress up as Elsa solo? Let it go! Being the entire Frozen cast is way more fun—plus, it might inspire you to all build a snowman together in December. Key members of this group include Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Hans and Kristoff.

For Elsa, just think sparkles. Anything blue and sparkly would work. Do your makeup with hints of sparkle as well and rock one French braid down the back of your head. Consider buying a small Styrofoam ball, too. For Anna, stick with dark blues in your outfit and find a pink sweater to tie around your shoulders. Wear your hair in two braids, or even invest in a redhead wig!

While Olaf costumes do exist, they can be pricey. Being Olaf just means dressing in all white, cutting black construction paper for the buttons and painting your nose orange. For Hans, have one of your guy friends wear a blazer or white jacket (if they have one), dress pants and nice shoes. Slicked-back hair and sideburns would be a plus. And for Kristoff, it’s all about the layering. Pair a wintry sweater with a hat and some gloves. Add a leather bag with a carrot, and your guy friend will be good to go! Bonus points if you all break out in song at least once.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Meet the new face of justice: Your group as TMNT for Halloween. This is a great throwback costume for a group, and you can make the outfits yourselves! Start with plain green T-shirts and get some yellow fabric paint. Paint yellow circles on the front and add in some ab lines. Pair your shirts with green shorts (and for the ladies, maybe green tights). Make eye masks from different colored fabric (purple, red, orange and blue) and add a brown fabric belt. To step it up a notch, buy an aluminum roaster pan (you can find them at the grocery store) and spray-paint it green. Attach yarn straps like a backpack, and you have a shell! You’ll be ready to fight crime all Halloween long.  Be sure to stop for pizza!

3. Famous Babies

Let’s face it, celebrity babies are already more popular than we’ll ever be (and they can hardly talk yet…). Why not be them for Halloween? While it’s hard to dress up like a baby, you can use creative plays on words to put together your costumes.

For example, for Blue Ivy Carter, you could dress in blue and buy some fake leaves to wrap around yourself. If you want to be Kimye’s offspring, create a cardboard compass to wear and highlight the northwest point on it. Feeling royal? Rock a crown, staff and sash with Prince George’s full name on it. Or you could also be the unborn royal baby with a crown and a big question mark. If you’re feeling really committed, buy some adult onesies and pacifiers to complete the look.

4. Emojis

Everyone has their go-to emojis (twin dancing girls, anyone?), so why not be them for Halloween? If you want to have a cohesive group costume, consider being the many smiley faces. The best part is you can make these yourself!

Buy some yellow poster board and paint on your desired smiley face. Add accessories like sunglasses or a halo, depending on your face.  Attach some string so you can wear it over your shoulders, and wear all black underneath.


What are you and your friends dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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