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Remix Bagel Bites’ Iconic Jingle & You Could Earn $10K

Many of us are familiar with this iconic jingle, “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evenin’, pizza at suppertime.” It’s been ingrained in our heads since childhood, and it’s done a pretty good job bringing up sentimental memories of doing exactly what the lyrics describe — eating pizza all day.

But this year, the team behind Bagel Bites is challenging you to put a spin on their classic jingle. Through December 10th, Bagel Bites will be accepting remixes through their contest website or on TikTok using #BagelBopsContest. All entries will be judged on or around December 17th, and the winner will earn the official title “Bagel Bites Bopper,” along with $10,000.

Still aren’t sold? Oh, the winner also gets a year’s worth of Bagel Bites!


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Do I have your attention now? Great!

In terms of what type of remix Bagel Bites is looking for —  there isn’t one! You can do whatever your pizza-loving heart desires; anything from indie to soul to rock will work. It won’t quite be as easy as pie (see what I did there?) though, so make sure you get creative! After all, an annual supply of mini pizza bagels is on the line, here.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get this bread (or maybe crust, in this case?) and get to songwriting!

Taylor Huang

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