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Arab American Heritage Month takes place during the month of April, and looks to both celebrate and honor the history, culture, and successes of the Arab American community. There are 3.7 million Arab Americans living in the United States, a community which includes Arab Christians, Mizrahi Jews, and other middle eastern communities. 

It is always a great choice to support small businesses, and this month gives even more of an opportunity to do so through this unique lens of Arab American Heritage Month. In that vein, here are four businesses owned by Arab Americans to support — during the month of April and the entire year.

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Tea is an organic, California-based brand that creates relaxing tea blends and also features plant-based tea wrappers that support environmental initiatives. Numi does everything from fair trade green and black teas to drinking chocolate to daily super shots. They are committed to fair worker wages for their farmers, and clean water and sanitation to tea farming communities globally. 

Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is a Lebanese American who has created a fashion brand with iconic pieces such as a sleeping bag coat and parachute dress. Something also worth noting about Norma Kamali is that there is a gender fluid category on the website, which features a variety of gender fluid pieces. Norma has been in the fashion industry for over 50 years and is producing pieces that should be on your radar.

Falafel Diva

Falafel Diva is run by Kinda, a Syrian American food blogger looking to keep Syrian American culture alive through a variety of recipes, including tabbouleh, labneh cake, grape leaves, falafel, kibbeh, and more. Kinda, who is based in San Diego, sells products such as kitchen tools, food items, electronics, beauty products, and other cooking equipment. Follow her for more recipes and go to her website to support her products.

Inspire Me! Home Decor

Farah Merhi is the founder and CEO of the Inspire Me! brand, which brings the hottest trends right to your living room. Inspire Me offers beautiful home decor, flowers, silverware, mirrors, wall art, and more for your vision. Farah, a Lebanese American, started the brand as an Instagram page in 2012, and since then, has become the most followed home decor page with over 7 million followers. Even if you don’t buy any products, you’ll surely want to take inspiration from her page.

Maddie Solomon is a writer for Her Campus, where she reports on pop culture, travel and local adventures, national style trends, and more. She is a writer, advocate, and Jewish professional interested more broadly in community building, social justice, and civil rights. Maddie graduated from Occidental College in 2021, where she majored in Political Science with an Education minor. Her work has been published in The Denver Post, Women's Media Center, The Jewish Journal, Persephone's Daughters, amongst other publications. Maddie grew up in Denver, and carries her college experiences in Los Angeles – the land of sunsets, tacos, and oceans. She moved to Boston last summer to explore a new East Coast post-grad life and lives in a Moishe house. In her free time, she enjoys coffee hopping, going to concerts, soul cycle, Shabbat dinner parties and bringing people together, traveling, and exploring Boston with her friends.