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8 DIY Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Parents are supposed to love homemade gifts from their kids. But now that you’re in college, you probably can’t get away with giving your dad another macaroni noodle portrait for Father’s Day. Dads can be some of the hardest people to shop for, and yet you can’t exactly give them an upcycled headband or another cute tool-themed craft. Here are eight DIY Father’s Day gifts that your dad will actually use.

1. Candy “Stache”

Give the man who always helped you eat your Halloween haul a candy stash of his own. Bonus points if you make a label that matches your dad’s actual facial hair.

2. Grill Set Holder

In the coming summer months, your dad will want as many reasons as he can find to grill up another plate of his world famous-burgers. With this gift, he will finally have a place to hang his favorite spatula.

3. Star Wars Soap

Give your dad a gift that’s out of this galaxy with some Star Wars-inspired soap. At least he won’t smell like Chewbacca.

4. Bowtie

The classic tie is so ten years ago. Your dad wears bowties now—bowties are cool.

5. Captain America Tie Dye Shirt

Show your dad that he’s your hero with his very own Captain America shirt. He’ll be super (get it?) excited to wear this to your Fourth of July barbecue. Unless, of course, he’s Team Iron Man…

6. Bacon Jam 

Now it’s your turn to bring home the bacon! 

7. Baseball Bookends

You’re sure to hit a home run with this awesome World Series-worthy gift.

8. Homemade Slippers

Let Dad take a day to put his feet up and relax with these cool handmade slippers.

Your dad has helped you make everything from a swing set to the ultimate sandwich over the years. We guarantee he’ll love these useful handmade gifts this Father’s Day.