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11 Scholarships Women In STEM Should Know About

In any science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) classroom, you’ll likely find that women are majorly underrepresented, but thankfully, some universities around the United States are trying to close the gender gap. Scholarship programs and higher ed institutions want to see more women earning degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, so they’re dishing out tons of scholarships and grants to keep you in the field.

Now, we know that you exceptionally-talented women aren’t studying STEM for the chance at free cash, but the opportunity to have anywhere from $500 to your full tuition covered means that people are recognizing the value of your work and want to support your education. The scholarships below exist to help all our STEMinists out there pay for college, and let’s be real — these are way better options than student loans. Get your resumes and personal statements ready, because application season starts now.


If you’re a woman pursuing a degree in computer science, engineering, or technical studies, apply for this scholarship ASAP. You’ll have the chance to win a $7,000 grant to support your STEM education, along with exciting professional development opportunities to help you launch your career. The deadline to apply is March 17, 2022.


As if Cards Against Humanity wasn’t already your favorite game, the brand is also funding STEMinists just like you! They want to award you with full tuition for up to four years, and all you have to do is send in a creative video explaining a scientific topic you’re especially passionate about. Your video will be reviewed by 50 women who work as scientists and engineers, so you’ll definitely be among people who are just as excited as you.

The application opens this fall, so start getting your creative juices flowing, and maybe even play some Cards Against Humanity while you’re waiting.


The Heinlein Society is an organization that promotes and celebrates critical thinking and a love for science. The “Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship” is a $4,000 award dedicated to a female candidate majoring in engineering, math, or biological or physical sciences, and the organization also offers $4,000 awards to students in STEM of any gender. Winners will be selected by the Heinlein Society Scholarship Committee and will be announced by July 7, 2022.


If you’re a tech wiz, then applying for BHW Group’s Women in STEM Scholarship will be a piece of cake. While the scholarship is open to women in science, technology, engineering, and math majors, the application asks you to write about your favorite app and why it’s important to you.

The application to be awarded $3,000 for the 2022 school year doesn’t close until April 15th, so you have some time to narrow down your favorite mobile apps and prepare an application. Since the BHW Group has produced over 340 apps, they’ll be just as excited as you are! The winner will be announced by May 15th.


Calling all female engineers––we have the perfect scholarships for you! At The Society of Women Engineers website, you can find nearly 50 female engineering scholarship opportunities, and by applying to one, you’ll also automatically be considered for any other scholarships you’re eligible for. You’ll want to make sure your school is ABET-accredited before applying, but otherwise, the application process is stress-free. Apply for the chance to receive up to $15,000 towards your education.


If you’re interested in working in a STEM field for the U.S. Department of Defense, this scholarship might be perfect for you. The award amount can cover up to $38,000, and it’s open to citizens of the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the U.K. The requirements are that you have to pursue a technical degree, complete at least one summer internship and that you’re willing to accept post-graduation employment with the DoD. Psst: it’s available for undergrads and graduate students, too!


Dr. Anita Borg founded the Institute for Women in Technology and is pretty much every STEMinist’s crush. Naturally, Google gives out a scholarship to honor her unprecedented accomplishments. This $10,000 scholarship is reserved for women studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field, and also earns you a spot at the Annual Google Scholars Retreat. You’ll need a resume, transcript, essay, cover letter, and letters of recommendation, but all of that is so worth it to follow in Anita Borg’s footsteps. Basically, get ready to be the Beyoncé of computing and technology.


This scholarship award is for female students who are studying industrial engineering. You’ll have the opportunity to win one $4,000 scholarship for the academic year, plus you get complimentary conference registration to the IISE Annual Conference & Expo and $650 travel credit. If you’re studying industrial engineering and looking to advance your professional career through conferences and more, definitely apply for this one.


If you’re a woman looking to pursue a career in electrical, mechanical, or aeronautical engineering within the airline industry, this scholarship opportunity is great for you. To qualify, you’ll need to join the Women in Aviation organization, and you’ll have the chance to win a $3,000 award.


This $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate engineering or pre-engineering students who are enrolled full-time, and is named in memory of Lynn G. Bellenger, the first woman president of The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). You have to have a 3.0 GPA or higher to apply, and the opportunity is open exclusively for women.


Microsoft is literally #careergoals, so why not start out early by applying for their scholarship? The award primarily goes to women and other underrepresented minorities studying computer science or related STEM majors, and you’ll receive anywhere from partial to full tuition covered for a full academic year *faints.* To apply, be ready to show Microsoft the crazy extent of your tech enthusiasm. Who knows, maybe you’ll be designing our next Surface Pro in a few years.

Isn’t it such a relief to see how many financial aid opportunities exist for you? Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, future scientist, tech mastermind, or math whiz, there’s a scholarship available to help you go through college debt-free. Apply for these scholarship opportunities and get ready to take your chosen STEM field by storm. Go get ‘em!

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