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5 Reasons Why Every Twenty-Something Should Travel Alone

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Yes, it’s nice to travel with someone and share new experiences together, it can also be refreshing to travel by yourself. You get time to do all the things you want to do and reflect on what’s most important to you. I’m actually going on my first solo experience with Fathom to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. I am so excited as I’ve never traveled on a small ship for an impact experience before. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the local culture and meet new people. The fact that I’ve also never been to the Dominican Republic or Cuba before is the cherry on top. The Dominican Republic and Cuba boasts turquoise waters, golden beaches calling my name, stunning mountains and surrounding beauty around every corner. If you’re on the fence trying to decide if you should take the plunge and travel solo, I’m sharing 5 reasons why you should. Keep on reading below for my tips.

1. Schedule Conflicts

I know from personal experience that it can be quite challenging trying to figure out when to take that trip while having to keep others schedules in mind. The nice thing about not having a travel buddy is you don’t have to stress about booking your flights, you can check your schedule and the next flight out if you want to.

2. Activity Compromise

Is there something you have to try on that tropical trip but your buddy is not at all interested? Maybe you have different personalities where you’re on the adventurous side and your friend is more into sunbathing on the beach. When you’re on your own, you don’t have to compromise on activities, just get out there and make those memories.

3. Spend Time Alone

You may not realize it, but spending time by yourself is a luxury. You don’t have anyone’s voice in your head telling you what you should be doing and you can truly reflect. It can be quite invigorating to go out for dinner by yourself, so imagine taking in the beautiful sunset without having to fill the quiet moments.

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