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4 Virtual Her Campus Clubs That Will Make Your Semester Even Better

Welcome to the club fair you’ll *actually* want to attend. Her Campus Clubs are officially in session and there is something for everyone. It’s simple: choose the club (or clubs, there’s no limit!) that interests you most by joining the Facebook Group dedicated to that club. Then you’ll attend the club “meeting” by simply watching an IG Live over on @hercampus either weekly or bi-weekly. Worried about missing a club meeting? Don’t worry, they’ll be posted as IGTVs so you can always go back. Here’s what to expect:

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Talk Beauty to Me

If your hobbies include doing your makeup for no reason and sharing your skincare routine with literally anyone that will listen, join the club. Seriously, this is a club just for that. We’ll try anything once when it comes to beauty, and we’re doing that all semester long. And, because the only thing better than talking about beauty is a beauty sale, we’ll be sharing exclusive discount codes for your favorite products so you can get in on the fun. Are you ready to Talk Beauty to Me? Join here.

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Pretty Dorms IRL

If you like long walks down the candle aisle and are more attached to your throw pillows than you are any person, consider this your new favorite extracurricular. Whether you’re at home, in a dorm, or an apartment, we’re showing you how to create the ultimate living space. From the best and most viral home decor products to deck out your room to the space saving hacks you never knew you needed, Pretty Dorms IRL is the only decor inspo you’ll ever need. Join here.

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Dream Job Chasers

We’re all out here working to get one step closer to our dream jobs, so consider this a natural next step. With Dream Job Chasers, you’ll hear from insiders across various industries and get the tea on what someone looking at your resume actually thinks. See you there for some career tea. Join here

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Meet the book club designed to entertain *and* educate you. From thoughtful discussions about female authors to the young adult novels you won't be able to put down, consider yourself BOOKED for the semester. Join here.

Happy fall semester!



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