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3 Gifts Under $20 For The Coffee Drinker With A Bit Of Sass

Whether your drink of choice this holiday season is a simple espresso with a hint of peppermint or a cup of coffee with some Bailey’s to keep you warm, you need something special to keep it in. What says “special” more than a gift for us coffee drinkers that understands that yes, coffee is life, and yes, you’re on a budget?

Give the gift of one of these ADORABLE mugs full of holly-jolly #feels to your girl gang and you will all be cozy af all season.

1. Get snuggly with our More Snuggles, Less Struggles Mug ($12)

Don’t get it twisted – this cup is made for more than just a warm drink! Fill it with chips, soup, or even wine.

2. Keep it sassy, yet classy with our Ho Ho Holy Shit Mug ($15)

Perfect for showing you’re still a queen, even in comfort (plus a little acknowledgement that, pre-coffee, you’re in the mood to swear). 

3. Make it truly cozy with our Cozy AF Mug ($13)

All you need alongside this festive mug for a perfect night in is a fuzzy blanket and a puppy. 

Can’t tell whether to buy them for your besties or to save them for yourself? Why not both? Check out the HCXO.shop for more holiday inspiration, stocking stuffers and ways to show yourself love all year round.