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25 Signs You’re the Jewish Girl of Your Friend Group

We Jewish girls are pretty proud of our religion and culture, whether it’s our love of challah or our obsession with NJBs. Though everyone’s beliefs vary, I came up with a list of experiences every Jewish girl in the friend group will totally understand. Accurate? So accurate. 

1. You get all the Jewish jokes on television

Whether it’s The West Wing, Seinfeld or Friends, you have to explain all the Jewish jokes to your friends.

2. You have a deep, deep love for Andy Samberg, Dave Franco, Zac Efron and Drake

Uhh they’re the hottest Jews.

3. You partake in a sort of cultural exchange every December

Hannukah tree, anyone?

4. Growing up you had to “teach” your friends about Jewish holidays

Just over here being the token Jew 5ever.

5. People ask where you go on Friday nights

Where do you think? ;) 

6. You bring your friends to Shabbat dinners on Friday and they’re like

They love you for it.

7. And you introduce them to the magic that is challah

Fresh from the oven, of course. 

8. That face you make when your friends ask you why you have so many holidays

Because we like to celebrate?

9. Your friends look to you for answers about all Jewish things

Um I’m actually not an expert on Israel.

10. You probably have an unheard of medical condition

Idk, stomach probz are like a thing. 

11. The Jewish community connections run deep

“Oh yeah, he’s a woman at my temple’s hairdresser’s cousin.”

12. You get those Jewish mother jokes

Howard’s mother on The Big Bang Theory being a prime example—her brisket is to die for.

13. You know all the NJBs on campus

Gotta find a nice Jewish boy.  

14. And you are probably the matchmaker of the friend group

I’ll set you up with an NJB if it’s the last thing I do. 

15. Your friends get annoyed when you watch a movie and you’re just like, “He’s Jewish!”

Sorry, I’m proud of my people.

16. You’ve taught everyone some Hebrew slang

“Baruch hashem” meaning “Thank you, God.”

17. You always provide the BEST snacks

Hummus and falafel all the way.

18. You call them out when they say something offensive

Nazis aren’t a joke. Period.

19. Your friends are jealous you get to go on Birthright

Yeah, a free trip to Israel is pretty cool.

20. You are the bargain hunter of your friend group

The clearance rack is where it’s at.

21. You either love or hate the Bar Mitzvah Boy on SNL

But your friends have no clue what’s happening.

22. People assume your relatives are lawyers

C’mon, not all of them.

23. You try not to get tempted when everyone else eats pizza during Passover

Actually matzah is pretty delish, too.

24. Your friends always ogle over your curly hair

Sometimes it’s a huge pain. Sometimes it’s really cute. 

25. You totally love your fellow Jews 

And the goys, too. 

Lindsay was the president/editor-in-chief of the UCLA chapter of Her Campus from 2015-2018. She was previously the Viral Section Editor at Her Campus and an Editorial Intern at the headquarters in Boston. Lindsay grew up in Washington state and transitioned to love the Southern California sunshine while studying communications and environmental science at UCLA. Twitter: @WeinbergLindsay.
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