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25 Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following

We’re all prone to a little procrastination. And while we’re well-versed in the usual Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr escapades that help us postpone writing our papers for as long as possible, a new distraction has arisen: Pinterest. And what a glorious distraction it is! Whether you’re new to the site (in which case, you should check out this beginner’s guide to Pinterest!) or you’re a veteran just looking for some new boards to scroll through like crazy, check out these 25 amazing Pinterest accounts that everyone should be following. Find them and start re-pinning!
1. Lucky Magazine (@luckymagazine)
Just like their beloved publication, Lucky’s Pinterest is absolutely addictive. From a board full of witty quotes to one full of the magazine’s active giveaways to one brimming with this season’s hot deals, Lucky offers everything a girl could want in one convenient place.
2. Glamour Magazine (@glamourmag)
Glamour is honestly a Pinner’s paradise. Their best board, by far, is the one that mimics their recurring column encouraging women to “Never feel bad about any of these things!” Beyond that, be sure to check out their boards featuring healthy self-image, brilliant and hilarious moments in television, the “coolest, prettiest, funniest bits + pieces from around the web”, gorgeous and creative plaited hairstyles, and more!
3. Teen Vogue (@teenvogue)
Teen Vogue makes sure to cover all the bases, which makes their Pinterest account appealing to any girl who might stumble upon it. From a board full of shiny things, to one in which the odds may be ever in your favor, to one bursting with adorable guys, Teen Vogue’s Pinterest leaves any follower satisfied.
4. Etsy (@etsy)
Much like their website, Etsy’s is a Pinterest account for any of the creative, crafty girls out there looking for a little inspiration. Be sure to check out their boards about marriage, crafty do-it-yourself guides, and tasty foods to take on.

5. Glitter Guide (@glitterguide)
Followed by Teen Vogue and other top fashion mags, Glitter Guide offers a hefty 42 boards to keep Pinners scrolling for days. With amazing boards boasting beautiful purses, suggested reads, breathtaking jewelry, and more, Glitter Guide’s Pinterest is definitely something you should keep your eye (and your mouse!) on.
6. Michael Kors (@michaelkors)
This Pinterest is pretty much flawless, and what else would you expect from one of the most amazing men in the world of fashion? Start repinning from his boards featuring stunning watches, “where [he’s] been, where [he’s] going, where [he’s] dreaming of”, and the walk-ins you wish you had.
7. Neiman Marcus (@neimanmarcus)
Geared toward the elite and fashion-forward, this Pinterest account offers boards depicting this season’s hottest footwear, makeup, and trends  so that you look your best all Spring long.
8. Time Magazine (@time_magazine)
Everything you ever loved in the publication has been condensed into a tasty Pinterest-sized page. They offer boards for the technically impaired, one for TV critics, one for the digitally illiterates and so much more.
9. Mashable (@mashable)
The actual Mashable site describes itself as “the largest independent website dedicated to news, information, and resources for the connected generation.” As members of the connected generation in question, take advantage of this resource! Start repinning from their boards full of memes, outlandishly strange items, and most importantly, their board on helping the community.
10. InStyle Magazine (@instylemag)

Much like their tangible publication, InStyle’s Pinterest accounts aims to keep its followers… well, in style. Between boasting beautiful hairstyles Beachy Waves, Braids, Bobs, Bangs, and more), realistic ways to sport what the models are wearing, and fashion in the movies, their boards inspire followers to look their best.
11. ModCloth (@modcloth)
Their Pinterest account is no less quirky than the ModCloth site we know and love. We can’t stop scrolling through their boards boasting delicious foods and recipes, adorable things to “awwww” over, interior decorating ideas, wedding plans, adorably nerdy things, or any of the rest of their cleverly titled and mesmerizing pins!
12. MTV (@mtv)

Clearly MTV has broadened its horizons; it’s not just about music videos anymore, as this glorious Pinterest clearly demonstrates. From their wishlist, to their favorite women, to their celebrity crushes, to their nostalgia, to everyone’s favorite boy band, to everything else they’ve got on display, MTV captures this generation’s interests perfectly.
13. Bergdorf Goodman (@bergdorfs)

As you’d expect, this Pinterest account outlines how to be a stylish and well-groomed woman—but it goes a little further than that. Check out their boards about what to do when the sky is grey, what the seventh day should be spent doing, beautiful hairstyles, gorgeous gadgets and more.
14. Health Magazine (@goodhealth)
You’d think this would be a Pinterest account full of agonizing workouts and unappetizing healthy foods, but you’d be wrong. With boards helping you eat sweet treats without going overboard, drinks without the calories, keeping your attitude positive, and boosting a healthy self-image, this Pinterest account is one that any girl (or should I say every girl?) struggling to find a healthy balance in her life ought to follow.
15. SELF Magazine (@selfmagazine)
Along the same lines, SELF magazine’s Pinterest boasts healthy balance without encouraging painful or unappetizing habits. It’s all about realistically being the best ‘you’ you can possibly be! Check out their boards on healthy meals, fun exercise ideas, how to get rid of the post-party nausea, and how to feel better when you’re feeling crappy.
16. Real Simple (@realsimple)

Followed by almost all of the other famous magazines listed here, Real Simple “gives creative, practical, and inspiring solutions that make life easier.” Make sure to follow their boards on upcycling stuff you already have, items that solve our everyday issues, simple ways to make your living space look better, ways to be the best hostess ever and 54 other boards that will make your life… well, simpler.
17. Tory Burch (@ToryBurch
This fashion icon’s Pinterest account does not disappoint. Start repinning her boards on trips to the shore, some of the hottest trends, and all things her favorite color now!
18. Samantha Yee (@samgoesglam)
An up-and-coming California fashion writer with immaculate taste, Sam’s Pinterest is probably the most addictive on this list. Follow her immediately so you can check out her eclectic collection of boards featuring fashion editorials, gorgeous prints and patterns, inspirational interiors and our favorite, Words to Live By [].
18. The Beauty Department (@tbdofficial)
TBD describes itself as “your daily dose of pretty,” and right they are! Visit their boards to find innovative manicures, beauty do-it-yourself ideas, how to look your best at your next soiree, and whatever other beauty tips, tricks, and inspiration you might need.

19. Allure Magazine (@allureamagazine)
Much like their beloved magazine, Allure’s Pinterest account is just something we can’t stop looking through. Take a peek at their boards featuring date night hair, spring colors, and items that are the editors’ favorites!
20. Huffington Post Style (@huffpoststyle)
If you’re looking to giggle in wonder, this is the Pinterest account you’ve been looking for. Be sure to look at their boards full of photographs of knocked up famous people, naked-faced beautiful people, when photo editing falls short, and the President’s dog.
21. Barack Obama (@barackobama)
Speaking of the President, you should check out the Obama Pinterest account! It’s full to bursting with pins about the First Family, ObamART, Obama-inspired recipes, and everything else you could want to know about what’s up in the White House.
22. Coco Rocha (@cocorocha)
The famous fashion model shares her wishlist, things she finds strangely cool, clothes she’d don this instant, and a hundred other things to inspire and amuse her followers.
23. Nylon Magazine (@nylonmag)
This edgy magazine’s Pinterest account flaunts a board of makeup, nail, and hair ideas, one of what its followers should be lusting over, one boasting some really cool street art, and so many more.
24. Macy’s (@macysofficial)
Everyone’s favorite department store teams up to share a little magic: the magic of the perfect shoe, the magic of summer, the magic of impulse, the magic of a photograph, and all other kinds of magic await followers on this wonderful plethora of pins.

25. Oscar PR Girl (@oscarprgirl)
The Public Relations girl for Oscar de la Renta says she is “reporting from inside one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses,” and the Pinterest that accumulated from those reports is beautiful. With board topics ranging from hair to gentlemen and rock stars to illustration, this is one account you’ll be repinning for days.
Who are some other pinners you love to follow?  Leave a comment!

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