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21 Things You’ll Miss About Your Roommate Over the Summer

After countless months chained to your roomie’s side, the inevitable summer break has finally come, and you can’t help but feel like you’ll be missing your other half. As wonderful as it is to go home and soak up the sun, it just isn’t half as fun without your bestie being right there with you. Here are some things you’ll miss about the girl you’ve been through it all with.

1. Having a sleepover with her every single night

2. Getting instant advice whenever you need it

3. Nights out together

4. Being extremely weird and overly comfortable with each other

5. Always having someone to do everything with 

6. Having more than one wardrobe to pick from

7. Random, late-night, heart-to-heart conversations

8. Going to your favorite food places all the time

9. Binge-watching Netflix together for hours

10. Getting ready while jamming out to each other’s best playlists

11. Pep talks 

12. Taking hundreds of Instagram-worthy pics together every week

13. Sharing your adorably decorated home away from home

14. All cleaning duties being split in two 

15. Inside jokes

16. Constantly taking videos or pictures of each other for Snapchat stories

17. Trying to diet and exercise together

18. Morning hangovers spent telling each other what happened last night

19. Taking care of each other when one of you is sad, sick, blacked out, etc. 

20. Being only a few steps apart rather than a few states apart 

21. Pretty much everything about them that makes you love them so much

I'm Crystal Moyer and I am currently a senior at Penn State University and I am majoring in English due to my love for all things reading and writing. In my free time you can catch me binge watching Netflix, writing poetry, or spending too much money on makeup and clothes.