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21 Things Only Pisces Girls Understand

If you’re a Pisces, you don’t need a psychic to give you the scoop on your best personality traits (being compassionate and creative) or worst habits (ghosting and eating your feelings). Aside from being ruled by planet Neptune and other things, like food, emotions and being a killer friend, here are some other ways you can relate if you’re characterized by the fish.

1. You’re constantly being told you’re too “emotional.”

You might as well list “crying” as a skill on your resume.

2. You tend to get lost in your thoughts at the most random times.

Let’s spend 40 minutes in the shower imagining what it’d be like to be a mermaid!

3. You cannot make decisions to save your life.

You spend an unhealthy amount of time contemplating whether you want ramen noodles or nuggets…before you end up indulging in both.

4. You can be pretty selfless and end up getting taken advantage of because of it.

You’d literally give your friends the clothes off your back, if you hadn’t turned into Chewbacca over the winter.

5. You’re incredibly moody…and you know it.

You change moods more often than you change underwear. It’s that serious.

6. But your energy still attracts all kinds of people that can’t get enough of you.

If you hadn’t doused your hair in so much dry shampoo today, you’d be flipping it right now.

7. You soak in vibes and are very intuitive, which makes it easy for you to connect with strangers.

You’ve made BFFs in so many clubs and house party bathrooms, you’ve lost count.

8. So being labeled as “shy” when you simply don’t feel like talking annoys the crap out of you.

You’re not quiet; you’d just rather people-watch than people-interact sometimes.

9. As much as you enjoy being social, you truly cherish your alone time.

Nothing like being able to eat, read, masturbate, sleep, Netflix, write and relax in peace!

10. You get into your loner phases and end up ghosting your friends more often than you’d like to admit.

You’re the queen of reading a text and forgetting to reply to it for the next three days.

11. You’re incredibly sensitive, so you hate and actively avoid confrontations.

You’d rather have an armpit rash than deal with someone you love being mad at you.

12. But you can easily redeem yourself with a good apology, joke or promise of a fun adventure.

There’s nothing that a girls’ night of wine, rom-coms and heart-to-hearts can’t fix.

13. You’re really ambitious but sometimes have trouble putting your goals into action.

You love the idea of completing a marathon, but when it comes to training…you’d rather plan how many miles you want to run…while eating a bag of potato chips.

14. However, you’re happiest when you’re expressing yourself, through writing, dance, music or fashion.

Or stress-eating, cry-venting and lip-syncing to old Mariah Carey songs.

15. You think love is beautiful but also can’t get enough of the single life.

Nothing satisfies you like being in a relationship…with food.

16. You alternate between being super clingy but also needing your space.

You need affection, but you also need a full bed to sleep and freely fart in.

17. The holidays make you super sentimental.

You’re either really happy or really depressed, depending on how many Christmas cookies you’ve eaten.

18. You have a killer memory, which is why you tend to hold grudges.

You’ll never forgive your mom for telling you that vitamins were candy that would give you superpowers when you were five. Never. 

19. You’re a great listener, and everyone comes to you with their problems.

You’d make a killer therapist if you weren’t so emotionally unstable!

20. Which makes you feel great because you love helping others in any way you can.

It makes you feel as warm and gooey inside as a freshly-baked donut, which you’ve been craving for the last half hour.

21. You care so much about everyone else—and forget to give yourself the same amount of care too.

Don’t forget to save some love for yourself, girl! You deserve it.

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