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19 Things You’ll Only Recognize If You Were Born Before 1999

Relive the ’90s with these 19 products you’ll only recognize if you were born before 1999. Whether you owned some of these or totally wished you did, there’s no denying this list will have you feeling nostalgic. 

1. Tamagotchi 

2. Easy-Bake Oven 

3. Lip Smackers 

4. Hit Clips

5. Skip-It 

6. L’Oréal Kids

7. Caboodle 

8. Crayola Stampers 

9. Butterfly clips 

10. Stretchy book covers

11. Roll-on glitter 

12. Teen Spirit deodorant 

13. Blow-up furniture 

14. Bonne Bell Lip Shades 

15. Fruity, roll-on lip gloss 

16. CD players 

17. VHS classics

18. McDonald’s Halloween baskets 

19. Gak 

Ladies and gents, there you have it—nostalgia at its finest. Happy reminiscing! 

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.
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