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19 Things Only Girls Who Are Unapologetic About Their Political Opinions Understand

1. When people say they hope they’re not getting too personal when they ask you your political opinions and you’re like, “No, I live to be asked this question.”

You were waiting to find out whether or not they’re someone you can discuss politics with! 

2. While most of your friends are excited to watch the newest season of their favorite shows, you’re just anxiously awaiting the next presidential debate.

It’s the best (and most terrifying) reality television you’ve ever seen.

3. During said debates, you watch intently while furiously retweeting every single debate tweet you relate to.

Not that you’re trying to brag, but your #debate tweets are pretty witty, too.

4. You also secretly love-to-hate watching the debates. They stress you out. You yell at your TV and probably scare your roommates.

Why didn’t the moderators make them truly answer that question?!?!?!

5. That is unless your roommates love politics, too—then watching the debates is the most quality bonding time you ever have.

You know you’re great friends when you get angry/passionate about the same issues. 

6. Your political opinions are no secret to most people. You might as well wear a T-shirt that says, “I’m voting for ____.”

Okay, yeah, sometimes you actually wear that shirt. 

7. In fact, you have all the political merch a girl who’s unapologetic about her political opinions could ever need.

All kinds of signs, stickers, T-shirts, coasters… you just gotta have them.

8. You shamelessly spread the word about the causes you believe in, whether it’s through on-campus organizations, volunteering for campaigns or participating in protests.

Spreading awareness is important, obviously. 

9. Sometimes, you try to just smile and nod when someone says something you don’t agree with.

But you can only deal with it so long before you share your own opinion. 

10. Sitting in classes about political and social issues can be rough.

Let’s see how many guys in the class deny the need for feminism today. *sigh*

11. Sometimes people tell you to tone it down and talk about something unrelated to politics.

Time to go back to reading the news because you seriously can’t deal with these people right now. 

12. When you have to listen to that guy who thinks he knows everything about everything, you try to keep calm.

But he’s just wrong and you know it.

13. Your conversations can quickly turn into arguments.

One second your friend is making a comment about his “crazy ex-girlfriend,” and suddenly you’re discussing feminist theory and actively trying to smash the patriarchy. Why would someone make a controversial statement and not expect it to turn into a political debate? Like what did they expect to happen? 

14. When you go on dates or meet someone for the first time, you try to leave politics out of the conversation. 

But the presidential election is so much more interesting than the weather!

15. On occasion, you think about how much less stressful your life would be if you weren’t constantly reading the news, watching campaign ads and checking the polls because “ignorance is bliss” and all of that.

Think of all the fun you could have if you didn’t check the polls every five minutes to see if your candidate is losing. 

16. But then you quickly remember that ignorance is NOT bliss. You LOVE being informed and think everyone should be.

How else can you make a change?!

17. That’s why you’re not ashamed to post articles on Facebook, proudly display your political opinions on bumper stickers and encourage everyone you’ve ever met to go out and vote.


18. But if you see another Facebook rant from your narrow-minded uncle, you might start having doubts again.

Why does he think satirical articles are real?

19. And if you see one more person you went to high school with share an article from a blatantly slanted source…

Why can’t everyone just diversify their news sources?!?!

Paige recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in journalism. She loves live music, coffee and hummus. When she's not reading or writing articles, she's probably fantasizing about traveling the world or laughing at her own jokes.