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19 Memes That Are So You When You’re Drunk

It’s not a crime to be a little drunk sometimes (unless you’re under 21). With all the memories you’ve had from parties and bars past, or memories your friends had to tell you because you can’t remember, you’ve probably developed a drunk persona. These memes totally capture the drunk queen you become when you’ve had one too many drinks!

1. Dua Lipa is so disappointed in you

2. Accusing others of being drunk when it’s actually just you

3. Becoming a wine/cat lady

4. I don’t remember anything

5. I need you to know that I am drunk

6. Beyoncé said I should be independent…

7. *unintelligible noises*

8. Wait… what?

9. You’re not too drunk—everyone else is just lame

10. Queen of bad decisions

11. Can’t…move…legs…

12. If I could just teleport to the bathroom please

13. The party never stops


15. Do you even know me?

16. I can’t hear you over how drunk I am

17. The honest drunk

18. That ended exactly like I knew it would


sloppy & proud

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19. I have achieved my full form

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