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18 Signs You Studied Abroad in Paris

Ahh, Paris: La Ville-Lumière. Whether you studied abroad there years ago or you just returned from your Parisian adventure, chances are you’ve had a hard time letting go of your wonderful, life-changing experience. Everyone brings back something from her time abroad, but the collegiettes who study in Paris come back with a certain je ne sais quoi. Your friends, professors and random people on the street can instantly tell that you have lived la vie Parisienne, especially because of these things:

1. Your outfit is never complete without a little red lipstick.

2. You eat entire baguettes and consider it a balanced meal.3. Croissants in America just aren’t as good as they were in France, so you don’t eat them anymore.

4. After taking the Métro every day, American public transportation seems inefficient and outdated.

5. You can’t stomach shots anymore, and you usually prefer red wine to any other drink.6. Speaking of wine, the cost of wine in the United States disgusts you.7. You have an affinity for fine cheese, and can tell Camembert from Brie by smell alone.  

8. Upon returning home, your closet started to look like this:9. But it’s okay, because black is really the only color worth wearing.

10. You are relieved when you use a public restroom and you don’t have to pay for it.

11. You can’t bring yourself to take your coffee “to go” anymore; instead, you like to sit and people watch while you sip your café au lait.

12. In your mind, macarons are basically their own food group.

13. You compare every piece of art you see in the States to something you saw in the Louvre.

14. You’re convinced that the Marais is the best neighborhood in the entire world. 15. Even though none of your friends speak French, you randomly break out en français every now and then.16. The things you’d do for a Nutella crèpe…17. You get embarrassed when American tourists try to speak French. 

18. You’re pretty convinced you’re going to move back to Paris someday. 

It’s the greatest city in the world for a reason! Don’t be afraid to let everyone know just how fabulous your time in Paris was. 

Maddie is a senior at Boston College, where she spends her days fawning over literature and Art History textbooks. She was previously an editorial intern at Her Campus, and is now a HC contributing writer and blogger. Follow her on twitter @madschmitz for a collection of vaguely amusing tweets. 
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