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17 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mother

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend (in case you didn’t know – get thee to the greeting card aisle!) and we love celebrating our moms. When we were younger (i.e., 10th grade), we thought there was no possible way we would end up just like them, try as everyone might to convince us that we would. These days, however, the song “I Got It From My Mama” is hitting pretty close to home. Every day, it seems, we resemble our mothers more and more. Don’t get us wrong – we love recognizing bits of our moms in us, but sometimes it’s kind of freaky.

1. You catch your reflection in the mirror and you think it’s your mom for a second.

2. But seriously, even you can’t deny that you’re basically your mom’s clone.

3. You’ve actually started to remember to dress in layers when you go outside, just in case the weather changes throughout the day.

4. When someone texts you, more often than not you have to Google whatever abbreviation or acronym they use.

5. The inside of your purse is full of everything you’ve ever owned… and some things whose origins are complete mysteries to you.

6. When you don’t wear your glasses, you have a hard time reading items on menus.

7. Your favorite magazine was once People, but lately you’ve been reading Harper’s Bazaar and Martha Stewart Living… and really digging them.

8. Making your bed in the morning has ceased to be a chore and has become somewhat cathartic.

9. When you call your dad, he assumes it’s your mom and talks to you like you’re your mom for like five minutes before you convince him it’s not her.

10. You know how to fold a fitted sheet.

11. You’ve started mixing up your siblings’ names fairly frequently.

12. Rap lyrics horrify you.

13. Although talking to strangers used to annoy you, you now love conversing with the people behind you in line at the grocery store, bank, dressing room…

14. Bedtime = 10 p.m. at the latest.

15. You buy things in bulk because “it’s a better deal.”

16. Whenever you walk by Ann Taylor, you stop in “just to see what’s on sale.” Only for work clothes, though. Promise.

17. Wiping other peoples’ noses doesn’t even faze you anymore.

Here’s to you, mama! You’re the bomb dot com, and we’re not even bummed that we’re becoming you slowly but surely. 

Maddie is a senior at Boston College, where she spends her days fawning over literature and Art History textbooks. She was previously an editorial intern at Her Campus, and is now a HC contributing writer and blogger. Follow her on twitter @madschmitz for a collection of vaguely amusing tweets.