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15 Ways You Know You Were Born to Be a Leader

Some people are just born with certain talents that really set them apart. Maybe they have a killer singing voice or an unbelievably creative eye or even the ability to be a great leader. Taking charge of a group is definitely not for the weak-hearted, considering it takes some real motivation and talent.

Whether you have those leadership skills buried under a pile of shyness or you’ve already uncovered your full potential of taking charge, you’ll identify with these 15 ways of knowing you were born to be a leader.

1. Being called bossy doesn’t even phase you anymore 

Being called bossy is sometimes taken as an insult, but it’s actually one of the best compliments. It means you know how to take charge of any situation and delegate tasks to others to efficiently get something done. 

2. You immediately take charge of any situation

There’s no need to discuss who will be the main point of contact during group projects; you already have your eyes on that role. 

3. You have to remind yourself to sit back if you aren’t actually the leader

Considering you like to be in charge, it can be hard to let someone else take over the leadership reigns.

4. You have a slight obsession with buying new planners

What better way to prepare for your long list of tasks than to have a small stockpile of your favorite ~trendy~ planners?

5. You have a natural ability to read people right when you meet them

Any good leader can assess their team’s ability to accomplish their goals and figure out how to best delegate these tasks. You can basically sniff out these characteristics within seconds of meeting someone. 

6. You’re organized AF​​






You just can’t help it; your organizational skills are off the charts. 

7. Your parents tell their friends you could be president one day

What can I say, Madam President has a nice ring to it.

8. You’ve never been afraid to voice your opinions 

No leader became successful by keeping their thoughts to themselves, and you certainly don’t! Letting your opinions be heard is a great way to spark new conversation and help motivate your team to get things done. 

9. Your friends always turn to you to be the voice for the group

It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as calling to make the dinner reservations. Your friends just know you’re the best person to lead the group in any situation.

10. You’ve never had a problem taking the initiative on a new project

New challenges don’t intimidate you. In fact, you actually kind of enjoy them. Getting started on something new is always a great way to get your leadership juices flowin’. 

11. You love shopping for power outfits

Much like Hillary Clinton and her famous pantsuit collection, you have a whole section of your closet devoted to your power outfits—the pieces that make you feel badass AF when you have important meetings or presentations. 

12. You’re basically a multitasking wizard

Who knew you could juggle that many tasks at once?! 

13. Your parents have held several leadership positions in their lives

It’s basically programmed into your DNA.

14. You’ve always been confident in almost everything you do

Confidence is basically something every leader has. How else are you supposed to lead an entire group? You’ve been confident for as long as you can remember, and that’s something that will never change! 

15. You take feedback very seriously

Leaders are always trying to help other people grow, so you’re just as receptive to any type of feedback or advice so you can improve your own skill set. If it was normal to send a performance survey after everything you do, you would totally be sending them.

It really does take a special kind of person to be a leader, and these traits undeniably prove you were born to be one. Watch out world—we have a few boss ladies ready to take over. 

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Taylor Petschl

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Taylor Petschl is a Cal Poly SLO alum and is currently attending Boston University for graduate school. She is a former campus correspondent and editorial intern for Her campus! 
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