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15 Things You Realize When You Go Home From College for the Weekend

No matter what year of college you’re in, sometimes you just need a break from the campus scene. Returning home for a weekend can feel like returning to an entirely different life as you go back to your old town, family and hometown friends. Here a few things we seem to always forget but realize yet again every single time we visit home for the weekend.

1. There’s something so comforting about being in your childhood bed again

2. Home-cooked meals have been greatly missed

Because Ramen noodles and junk food are becoming a pretty bad diet at this point.

3. It feels really weird to have to drive everywhere instead of walking 

4. Weekend nights are pretty boring when there’s nowhere to party

5. You’ve missed being able to see your parents in person

6. But you’re having serious FOMO seeing all the snaps from your friends still at school

7. Running into people from your high school is not fun anymore

8. It’s really annoying to have to tell your parents everywhere you’re going

Nothing stays private when you’re at home with your parents watching your every move.

9. Although you love your family, living with friends is so much easier sometimes

10. Not being around college-aged people 24/7 feels very wrong

Wait, adults and children still exist?

11. It’s nice to have a change of scenery from your daily campus life

12. Having laundry, dishes and cleaning done for you is an absolute luxury

13. You get to go to all the special restaurants, hangouts and places exclusive to your hometown

14. Home is one of the only places you can truly relax and disconnect from your school stresses

15. Although there’s nothing like home, by Sunday you’re ready and excited to get back to your beloved campus

I'm Crystal Moyer and I am currently a senior at Penn State University and I am majoring in English due to my love for all things reading and writing. In my free time you can catch me binge watching Netflix, writing poetry, or spending too much money on makeup and clothes. 
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