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15 Things You Can No Longer Get Away With After College

College has its perks, and the real world just seems like a lot of unnecessary obligations. Enjoy doing these things while you can, collegiettes!

1. Wearing yoga pants on a week day

Too casual for casual Friday.

2. Balling on 3 hours of sleep

Coffee exists for a reason.

3. Drinking light beer and/or liquor that comes in a plastic bottle

Okay, you could probably do without this.

4. Drinking wine out of a red Solo cup

It may be classy compared to plastic-bottle vodka, but it just won’t cut in the real world.

5. Day drinking that doesn’t involve a barbeque

What do you mean, there are no Friday afternoon pool parties after college?

6. Sleeping two people in a twin bed

Graduation = hookup upgrade.

7. Doing your dishes every 5-6 days

There are just so many better things for you to do.

8. Doing laundry every 3-4 weeks

See above.

9. Wearing a bikini as underwear

Hey, it works just fine!

10. Working out for free

Paying for a gym membership? If anything, they should be paying you for exercising.

11. Waking up at noon on a week day

Because you slept 3 hours the night before, obv.

12. Watching hours of Netflix mid-afternoon

That 9 to 5 might be a small impediment.

13. Wearing a club shirt and/or Greek letters

So many shirts, so little time left to wear them.

14. Surviving off of mostly free food

Between club meetings, getting swiped into dining halls, free samples and invites to sorority houses, buying food is just not that necessary.

15. Having, like, 17 hustles

When else can you be part of 3 clubs and have an internship and a part-time job, all while getting decent grades and volunteering on the weekends? Girl, you deserve a medal.

Iris was the associate editor at Her Campus. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in communications and gender studies, but was born and raised in France with an English mother. She enjoys country music, the color pink and pretending she has her life together. Iris was the style editor and LGBTQ+ editor for HC as an undergrad, and has interned for Cosmopolitan.com and goop. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @irisgoldsztajn, or check out her writing portfolio here.