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15 Signs You’re Going to Write a Book Someday

As an avid writer and reader, you have an aspiring dream to have a novel published one day. You search for inspiration in your daily life, friends and family and jot every idea that passes you by. There's no doubt you know what it feels like to long for a goal that seems so far away. However, this is the case for all writers. We’re scared to pick up the pen, but once we start, there’s no stopping us... unless you get writer’s block of course. 

1. You’re constantly observing people and your surroundings for the next best novel idea. You analyze people as if they were characters in a novel and settings for imagery.

2. You have your favorite quotes in books highlighted and bookmarked for inspiration. Whenever you’re looking to write, you skim through those to spark innovation.

3. You have plenty of amazing one-liners that could start a book. But, you’re scared to continue on from there.

4. You write in your leather-bound journal as if a publisher will read for edits. You’re constantly writing in perfect grammar and style.

5. You have a notebook specifically for novel ideas. You’ve scribbled down everything from sci-fi to romance ideas.

6. You dream up amazing stories and jot them all down in hopes it’ll start something amazing.

7. You make way too many excuses to start writing. “I’m too busy.” “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t have any good ideas.”

8. You constantly admire great writers. Sometimes, you even try to write like them. But remember, everyone has their own style.

9. You would rather sit for hours writing than do anything else. It keeps you calm, cool and collected.

10. Your friends and family always tell you to start writing. They know that this is your calling.

11. You’ve already looked up where you’d want to get published.

12. You have more favorite pens than you do shoes or other items.

13. You dream of being on an island somewhere with nothing to do but lay out, read and write.

14. You’ve already picked out the title of your next four books. But only titles, nothing else.

15. You constantly tell yourself that you’ll start tomorrow. Pick up the pen already or type away, because it’s time.

A 20 year-old that studies Communications at San Diego State, has an overwhelming love for shoes and spends most of her time reading/writing or dancing.
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