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15 Absurd Things You’ve Probably Done to Get Likes on Social Media

Your social media accounts are more than just places to catalog photos of your life or keep your family updated on how you’re surviving college. From Twitter to Instagram, you’re showing the world yourself—and that means sometimes being fake AF to make your life look just like Lauren Conrad’s. Maybe you’re the master of food pics or you write all your tweets weeks in advance, but we know you’ve totally done these 15 things to get likes. Sorry, not sorry.

1. Put on a full face of makeup even if you were just going to lay in bed all day

2. Advertised hobbies that are completely not true to get likes from random accounts

3. Artistically arranged a spread of food you weren’t ever going to eat

4. Climbed a big-ass hill just to take a picture of the view

5. Bought a PSL just to post about how much more you ~love~ fall than everyone else

6. Said thank you to all your followers to convince people you have a bunch of dedicated fans

7. Posed with a dog that’s not even yours for the perfect Boomerang

8. Hashtagged words like #foodie and #citygirl that have nothing to do with you or your life

9. Pretended to endorse a product like a Kardashian

10. Repeatedly reposted that one picture you have with a D-list celebrity as your #TBT

11. Put on 100 coats of makeup

12. Written a dedicated Facebook rant about helping a cause you know nothing about

13. Contorted into the weirdest positions for the perfect selfie

14. Ordered weird lattes just for the aesthetic

15. Basically faked your entire life

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