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13 Dogs Who Are Just as Excited for Spring as We Are

Sick of this brutal winter? Counting down the days until March 20, the start of springtime (supposedly)? You’re not alone—these precious pups can’t wait for the upcoming season either!

1. Hallelujah, the winter coat can finally be put away! I hated that thing anyway.

2. Five words: trips to the dog park.

3. Games of fetch won’t take place inside anymore. Freedom!

4. We’re going out for a walk? A real, full-length walk that isn’t cut short by the temperature!?

5. Less darkness, longer days, score!


6. Fresh fruits and veggies? GIMME!!!

7. The smell and feel of fresh grass… Oh, how I’ve missed them.

8. Impromptu trips to the park? Yes, please.

9. This is my “first-time-I’ve-seen-sunlight-since-November” face. 

10. So many blooming flowers that I must dig up!

11. Let the squirrel chasing re-commence!

12. Did somebody say ‘picnic’?

13. Literally anything is better than winter, so please get me out of here! 

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