11 Things That Are Easier Than Waiting for Spring Break

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In college, there's nothing more agonizing than trying to focus on schoolwork when your week of lounging on the beach or vegging out at home is only a few days away. Waiting for spring break makes even these collegiette struggles look easy! 

1. Staying awake during your 8 a.m. calculus class.

2. Giving up alcohol.

3. Making it to the gym more than two days in a row.

4. Going vegan.

5. Paying off student loans.

6. Landing a summer internship.

7. Getting drunk and not tweeting about it.

8. Watching only one episode of a show on Netflix.

9. Choosing the most flattering Instagram filter. 

10. Writing a 10-page paper... that's single-spaced.

11. Getting through the week without wearing sweatpants to class.

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