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11 Struggles of Being the Middle Child

Middle children seem to always have it the worst. Life is likely a constant battle to stay relevant when you’re stuck between an older and a younger sibling. And what makes it worse is all the underappreciated struggles that come with this life of burden. Here are the struggles you know all too well if you were cursed with the cursed position of being the middle child.

1. You get all the same responsibilities as the oldest…

2. But all the restrictions of the youngest.

3. You’re like nature’s built-in sibling punching bag.

4. Somehow your parents manage to forget you exist every once in a while.

Like that time they all went to lunch without you… or Disney World.

5. Middle Child Syndrome is all too real and yet no one takes you seriously when you complain about it.

6. You only got to be the treasured youngest child for a fleeting moment.

7. Your parents took more of a “trial by error” parenting approach with you.

8. You always have to live in the shadow of your older sibling…

9. While your younger sibling gets away with murder.

10. Your wardrobe only consists of hand-me-downs.

Because why would you ever want to have a pair of sneakers that DON’T have a bunch of holes in them…

11. Despite all the struggles, you’re stuck in the middle. So you might as well get comfortable.

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