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1. The Sorority Squat

Originally created as classy way to duck so photographers could see people in the back row, the sorority squat lost its practicality when the entire group decided to get a leg workout. 

2. The “Candid” Kodak Moment

See someone taking sneaky candids? Better force some laughter so you don’t look bored. “You just ate lunch? Wow, that is SO funny!”

3. The Cheek Smooch

The ultimate bestie PDA, the cheek smooch says you’re super flirty (and have probably full-on made out with some of your girlfriends). #girlsnight #wine #badcombo

4. The Skinny Arm

Who needs to diet when you can slim down your waist and one arm with this easy move? Use with caution, though: doubling the skinny arm may result in looking unintentionally sassy.

5. The Death Grip Hug

Quick! Your friends are falling off a mountain and only you and this photo opp can save them! We also heard that the harder you hug, the stronger the bonds of your friendships will become (until you crush their lungs and they can’t breathe).

6. The Gang Signs

Sometimes you just don’t know what to do with your hands, so why not throw up some deuces or make your GDI friends think you’ve pledged your allegiance to organized crime?

7. The “I Still Need to Look Good” Goofy Face

This is the go-to pose for the girl who wants to prove she’s fun, but she’s completely against outdoor sports, breaking a sweat and anything else that could ruin her makeup. But she is totally down to wink and stick her tongue halfway out. Move over, Zooey Deschanel; there’s a new quirky girl in town!

8. The Leg Pop

Do you need to go to the bathroom, or is one of your legs shyer than the other?

9. The “Don’t Tag Me on Facebook” Face

Often used when girls don’t think they look good so they can use the excuse: “Yeah, see? I was totally trying to be ugly…”

10. The “Get Away From Me” Lean

It’s like there’s some strange magnetism going on in your bodies – that, or your friend just has really bad breath.

11. The Linear Brady Bunch

Often used to show your lineage in your sorority (do you really even know your great-great-grand-big?), this pose doesn’t make the best use of camera space. Human Jenga, anyone?


Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.