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11 Graduation Gifts For Friends That Are Under $25

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It’s finally graduation season, which means it’s also graduation gifting season. When it comes to graduation gifts for friends, you really can’t go wrong. You can go for traditional grad gifts — like an item related to their alma mater, jewelry, or something that they can use as they go off into the world with their newly earned degree.

Of course, it’s always easier to shop for any kind of gift when you’re not on a budget — but who isn’t on a budget these days? To keep things affordable, you have to get a little creative, but it’s not impossible to find something for your friend that is both meaningful, personal, and cute for under $25. You just have to think outside the box a little. Think: monogrammed pens and notebooks, jewelry that reminds them of your friendship, or even plants. With a DIY card and a little creativity, you can make $25 go a long way when it comes to graduation gifts for your squad. Here are some ideas to get you started.

3 piece Best Friend Necklace

What’s more classic than a best friend necklace? This one comes in three pieces, so you can properly honor your VIP squad as you make moves after graduation.

3 piece best friend necklace graduation gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

Personalized journal

Give your BFF some swag for interviews or their first job with a monogrammed planner or journal like this one.

Pro tip: If you want something a little more understated, Staples will customize a notebook of your choice from their stores for an extra fee online.

monogrammed journal grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

kitsch ice roller

Post-grad life is not for the faint of heart. Gift your friend this ice roller for maximum relaxation after hours at their new internships and jobs. Or just, you know, Sunday morning.

Screen Shot 2024 04 18 at 22454 PM?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

A Money tree

Who doesn’t want to manifest their BFF getting the bag? For your green-thumbed friend, order a money tree and find a nice, shallow pot to gift it in. They’re super easy to take care of and an everyday reminder of how far you know your bestie can go.

If ordering isn’t your thing, any nursery worth its name will have one on hand or be able to order one directly for you, too.

Money tree grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

a proper tea set

This super functional and modern tea infuser set will change your tea-drinking friend’s life. Add a special herbal blend of loose tea to the package and now you have an excuse to come over to catch up after graduation, too.

bodum tea pot graduation gifts?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

a grad scented candle

Who doesn’t need a new candle with a cheeky graduation theme? There are so many labels to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect fit.

Dissertation candle grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

A perfect beach bag

This cute little mesh bag is only $10. Stuff with a handmade card, your BFF’s fave snacks, sunblock or lip gloss of choice and it might just be the perfect summer go-bag for your favorite person after a long couple of years hitting the books.

beach bag graduation gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

Givenchy gold hoops

At $25, these cute little hoops are a total steal. And make for a super classy graduation gift for your BFF that will never go out of style.

gold hoops graduation gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

lamy rollerball pen

Everyone needs a fancy pen. OK, maybe not everyone, but it makes for a very simple graduation gift and one that will make your BFF think of you every time they pull it out in the real world.

Lamy Rollerball grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

anker charging pad

You’d never know this charging pad was under $25. Not only is it compatible with literally everything, but it’s sleek, and practical, and your friend will thank you every time they use it to get some juice for their devices.

Anker charging pad grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

anthropologie monogram mug

These little teacups are dainty and monogrammed for the perfect personalized touch for your friend’s graduation.

Anthropologie monogram cup grad gift?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp
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