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11 Cats in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us, and that means collegiettes everywhere are looking to strut their stuff in creative costumes! Looking for some inspiration? It may be closer (and more cuddly) than you think. Take a look at these cute cats, all decked out for Halloween!

1. All this kitty needs is seven dwarves!

2. Make sure your cat isn’t looking too mainstream this Halloween.

3. Forget Halloween; this cat and its dog companion look ready for Thanksgiving!

4. Even cats like to get down on Halloween. Olé!

5. This cat must feel like a true Cat-lifornia Gurl channeling her inner Katy Perry!

6. Move over, Jack Sparrow! There’s a new pirate in town.

7. Looks like Kate Middleton has some royal competition.

8. Simba, we’ve found your twin!

9. Who doesn’t love some noms at the end of a long Halloween night?

10. It’s time to man the sails!

11. This a great costume if you’re on a super tight budget.

What costume is your cat rocking this year, collegiettes?

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