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10 Easy DIY Homemade Holiday Gifts

Time to hone your crafting and creativity to whip up a gorgeous holiday gift. Whether you’re making gifts for your very best friend in the whole world or every friend on your dorm floor, these are the perfect trinkets to give to everyone and anyone. These 10 easy DIY gifts are exactly what your friends will cherish this holiday season and year-round.

Check out our favorite homemade items below.

Handmade Friendship Bracelets

They’re better than the ones you made as a kid, but they still carry the same loving sentiment. Opt for a nice woven pattern, beaded design, or macrame style.

Tealight  Lantern With Origami Heart

Put your paper-folding skills to the test with this simple heart origami tea lantern. Reuse clean glass jars, grab simple small candles, attach your origami creation, and there you have it– an adorable little gift sure to light up their room. Plus, you can even fold paper into a candle holder in this pattern, as well.

Plant Terrarium

Pretty and personal, these plant terrariums only cost $5 to put together. Use these steps to create an adorable and self-sustaining mini ecosystem they can keep on their window sill.

Gemstone Soaps

Believe it or not, you already have most of the soap ingredients around already. Grab your ingredients and get to work crafting the cutest soaps you’ve ever seen. This is the perfect idea if you have many friends to get gifts for this holiday season.

Inspirational Sharpie Mugs

Practice your handwriting and get to work! Follow the instructions to make this permanent.

Cookie Mixes

Have a snacky friend in your life? Get them the gift of cookies, granola, brownies, and more with jar mixes. You may already have all the baking ingredients handy. Fill your jar with all the recipe’s dry ingredients, add a little notecard of the recipe directions, add a bow, and you’re good to go.

Hand Warmers

Your friends will be forever grateful for these in the winter. Make sure to craft some for yourself, too!

Body Scrub

It turns out, coffee grounds, sea salt, sugar, and more can be turned into delcious-smelling exfoliators for your buds. Try out any of these recipes and grant them a lovely holiday spa session.

Rudolph’s Gift Card

If you’re only giving cash or a gift card, make it personal with this cute and creative envelope.

Personalized Advent Calendar

Customize a Christmas-countdown calendar personally for your friend. Wrap up little goodies, photo memories and more for them to open each day. Consider their favorite fun-size candies, stickers, pencils, mini alcohol bottles, etc. Your friend will adore the attention to detail.

Enjoy your holiday craft session and have a great time with friends. They will adore these gifts even more because you made them with love.

Morgan is a sophomore at St. John's University in Queens, New York. She is a journalism major with a passion for news and culture, and a staff writer for St. John's independent student newspaper The Torch. Aside from writing for Her Campus, she is a spoken word poet and pianist. Her past work can be found at morgancmullings.wordpress.com. Twitter & Instagram: @morgancmullings