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How Our Content Is Produced

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Her Campus is the leading media platform dedicated to empowering college women around the globe. It operates through a multi-faceted approach in content creation, allowing for diverse stories told by Gen Z college students, including: 

National Editorial Team: At the core of content creation lies Her Campus’s National Team. This team is made up of editors who oversee the direction, quality, and topics of the day-to-day content published on HerCampus.com across a variety of verticals. They set editorial standards and assign and edit articles, ensuring they align with the brand’s voice and cater to Gen Z’s interests. 

National Writer Program: Her Campus runs a prestigious National Writer Program that offers college students around the country an opportunity to contribute to the national platform. Aspiring editors, students studying journalism and media, and community members passionate about sharing the Gen Z perspective apply and, if selected, receive mentorship from the National Editorial Team, gaining exposure and experience in writing for a larger audience. To apply to be a National Writer, check out our application here

Student-run Campus Chapters: Her Campus’s unique model lies in its network of student-run campus chapters. These chapters, operating independently on hundreds of campuses globally, act as hubs for creating localized and personalized content relevant to students at their campus, and exist as student publications on their campuses. These chapters each have their own team of writers, editors, and contributors at their school who generate articles specific to their campus’s culture, events, and interests. Content is vetted by each campus chapter’s leader(s) and is not edited by the National Team. Want to start a Her Campus chapter at your college? You can find more information about launching your own chapter here.

Sponsored & Branded Content: Her Campus collaborates with brands to create sponsored content that resonates with our audience. These partnerships integrate seamlessly into the platform, offering relevant information or products while maintaining the overall tone and integrity of the site. This content is created by Her Campus’s Branded Editorial Team and Gen Z contributors.

For more information on starting a local Her Campus chapter, click here. Interested in writing for Her Campus National? Find the application for our National Writer program here