How to Nail Your College Interview

You’ve spent hours toiling away at all those applications and finally, after proofreading each essay so many times that you could probably recite them all from memory, you submit them. A huge weight is lifted off your shoulders—until you get an email about setting up an interview. Lucky for you, Her Campus is here to ease some of that weight that just got thrown right back onto you.

Many pre-collegiettes have no experience with formal interviews before going through the college admissions process, so it’s totally normal to be nervous and have a ton of questions or uncertainties about what to wear, what to bring, what to say (and what not to say), and what to expect in general. Whether you love interviews, hate them, or have never even had one before, the following insight from some seasoned vets—collegiettes, of course—will help you bring your A-game.

Dress to Impress

You already know how important first impressions are, so consider that what you wear will be the first thing the interviewer sees (besides your beautiful, smiling face). “I would say dress business casual,” says Merrimack junior Joanna Kingston. Think black pants, cords, jeans, or a not-too-tight skirt on bottom, and a solid-colored blouse, sweater, or blazer on top. Think of your outfit as something that you might wear to school to give a class presentation to look extra put-together. Taylor Southworth, a junior at the University of Michigan, has a good rule of thumb: “If you wouldn’t wear it to a family dinner, don’t wear it to an interview.”

You want to look appropriate, of course, but Joanna also advises, “You don't want to be too stuffed up – you're going to be a student not working in a law office!” So, don’t be afraid to let a bit of your personal style show through.

That being said, avoid wearing jewelry that is too flashy or distracting—you don’t want the clanking of your bangles to detract from what you’re saying! And on that same note, keep makeup simple and neutral—nothing too bright, glittery, or intense. Either heels or flats are fine, but if you opt for heels, keep them relatively conservative; a simple black pump with a heel three inches or lower is a safe bet.

Now that you’ve got the look down pat, let’s move on to what you should say and do to wow your interviewer as much as your outfit does.

Mind Your Manners

It’s super important that you’re polite throughout the entire interview, and that starts right when you walk into the room. Shake your interviewer’s hand and smile as you say, “Hi, I’m [your first name]. It’s so nice to meet you.” A handshake (which you can practice with a parent if you’d like feedback on yours) and friendly introduction immediately indicates that you are mature, and it’ll set the tone for the rest of the interview.

What to Expect

College admission interviews typically last a half hour to an hour, but your interviewer will probably specify how long it’s expected to take beforehand. The formats of interviews vary, so it’s hard to know exactly what to expect so the best advice is to be prepared for any type of interview. The interviewer might just want to have a relaxed, casual conversation to learn more about you, or he or she might have a list of pre-planned questions and it will be more formal. Many times interviewers will start by saying, “So, tell me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume,” so think of how you want to respond to that so you know exactly how to start off. Read on to find out more commonly asked questions!

The setting of your interviews will likely vary as well. Generally, interviews are held on campus, at cafes or coffee shops, or at the interviewer’s house. If you are somewhere where food and drinks are available, follow in the interviewer’s footsteps when it comes to ordering. If he or she gets a drink or food, go ahead — and pay for yourself unless they offer — but otherwise don't get anything because it can be hard to eat while talking. It is a good idea to have water, however, in case your mouth gets dry from being nervous!