8 Reasons Why College is Better Than High School

Your college applications are in, you’re working on your scholarship applications and all there is left to do is wait… and get excited! College is a very exciting time, and it’s often referred to as the best four (or two, six, eight, etc.) years of your life. We couldn’t agree more! High school was great, but there are reasons upon reasons why we love college even more – here are a few.


1. You’re in control of your classes.

High school had its high points, but sitting in a dull classroom learning trigonometry when you just wanted to be an English teacher one day definitely wasn’t one of them. In college, you’re much more in control of which classes you take, when you take them and who you take them with. You could even leave a few hours in between your classes for an infamous college-kid nap!

And the best part is that you can finally study subjects you’re really interested in. “You get more excited about what you're doing because you are more focused on a subject that you are passionate about,” says Hannah Davis, a sophomore at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Excited about school? That’s new!


2. It gives you some “real world” experience.

College is a great way to introduce you to the “real world” without fully launching you into it. “It might be partly because I’m located in the city, but I feel like college really gives you a feel for real life,” says Alex Watson, a freshman at the City University of New York. “I had to learn do routine things that I’d never thought about having to do, like buying toilet paper.”

That’s the great thing about college: it not only acts as an educational institution, but also as a segway of sorts between high school and “real life.” While high school may give you a taste of what it’s like to have some responsibilities, college really exposes you to the real world. You’ll have to learn to manage your time and bank account and adapt to being in control of your own actions.

3. You’re surrounded by new peers.

After four long years, you’re probably sick of your high school classmates. You’ve been through a lot together – assemblies, prom, numerous spirit weeks, painful math class requirements, etc. – but it’s about time to say goodbye. When you ship off to college, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new pool of people. Your new college friends are more likely to have similar interests as you and the same level of intellect as you, as they chose the same school – whereas in high school, you and your peers were forced together.

“There’s also freedom from judgment to an extent,” says Ivy Stafford, a sophomore at Keene State College in New Hampshire. “You’re free from past judgments people have cast on you, and you are also free [of] any expectations that you have to be a certain way. There are more people to chose from as friends, and you don't need to ingratiate yourself upon people that you don't have a lot of interest in.”


4. There’s no more high school drama.

In college, there’s really no room for that he-said-she-said silliness! Okay, there might be a few rumors flying around on your dorm floor, but the majority of that old high school drama will be a thing of the past. In college, you’re learning and growing up – not creating drama. College students are likely to be more mature than your high school peers, and they probably have more important things on their mind than petty gossip.