4 Productive Things To Do While Waiting To Hear Back From Colleges

Apply for scholarships

When she finished applying early to Boston University, Kelsey knew she couldn’t take a break just yet.  In case she didn’t get into her dream school, she kept working on her apps to other schools.

“Getting applications done before I even heard back from BU made the possibility of not being accepted a little easier to stomach. And in the best case scenario, you get to send a bunch of withdrawal application emails!” she says.

Alyssa also applied for scholarships, which meant she had to maintain focus in school second semester.

“I applied for ten to fifteen scholarships and most of the deadlines were not until January or February,” she says. “That meant they would see my fall semester grades included on my transcript, unlike the colleges I'd applied to.”

While most of your applications are probably done, scholarship applications will still be open to you.  Researching and filling out applications for interesting scholarships will take your mind off waiting, and take some of the financial worries away when you’re accepted to your dream school!

Finish senior year strong

While it may seem like you’ve done everything high school asked of you, there are still technically a few more months in the school year.

Onastasia, a collegiette at Chatham College, threw herself into doing well on final projects for both her classes and her extracurricular activities.

“Although you may be out soon, you owe it to yourself after all those great college applications to end high school with a bang,” she says.

Instead of just spending your last few months chilling in front of the TV or constantly updating your Facebook page (though you should absolutely take some time to relax!) set some expectations for your last semester of high school.  If you’ve got a paper for history, pick a topic you find fascinating and throw yourself into research.  Make it your goal to get an A in your math class.  Promise yourself that you’re going to finish strong, and take the steps to get there!


Even though waiting is hard, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy.  Leave an awesome legacy at your high school, visit your future school or keep doing applications – anything to stop turning the “Am I good enough to get in?” question over in your head.  Relax and finish strong, because you’re only a few months away from being a real-life collegiette!