Why Graduating Seniors Need Their Moms More Than Ever

This is the time of year when college seniors see the finish line in their grasp. Before you know it, you’ll be collecting your diploma in a cap and gown. During such an emotionally turbulent period as this, where you’re filled with anxiety about entering the real world, you might find that your mother is the best source of comfort. Here are a few reasons why there’s no shame in giving Mom a call and venting about your worries.

1. Mothers can provide a sense of security

Let’s face it: adulthood is hard. With graduation looming over your head, it can feel like you’re utterly lost and have no sense of direction.

A mom can give you helpful advice to steer you on the right path, or at the very least, give you comfort so that you can temporarily forget that you have adult responsibilities. 

Iris Goldsztajn, a 2016 graduate of UCLA, appreciated the support of her mother during this time of uncertainty as she felt expected to make life decisions rather quickly. She says, “Your parents represent a sense of security that seems kind of absent after graduation when you’re expected to ‘adult.’ Ironically I needed my mom to baby me a lot more after graduation to compensate for all of the grown-up things that were being thrown at me.”

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2. Mothers can be that person you vent to, because they've been there

Sometimes you just need someone to spill your worries to, but your friends are sick of hearing you freak out about your future because they’re panicking about their own futures. Your mom can be the perfect resource to provide relief, since they’ve been in your shoes before but have made it out on the other side.

Kristen Perrone, a senior at Siena College who is currently stressing about her own graduation, has her mom to thank for changing her perspective about this current stage in her life. “I've definitely had major moments of self-doubt and anxiety about my future and what I'm doing in the next few months," she says, "and I've found that my mom has the ability to reel me in and listen to my rants and know how to calm me down and make me feel better about everything.”

3. Mothers can provide guidance

If you’re not yet sure of your post-college plans, your mother can lend herself to you by giving helpful career and life advice as you take your next steps into adulthood. Should you take the first job offer you get? Should you go to grad school? Should you move across the country with your SO? These are all questions that your mom is equipped to help answer.

Rachel Petty, a senior at James Madison University, values her mom for her ability to lead her in the right direction despite being unsure of her next steps. She says, “When I was deciding what to do after school, she was great about encouraging me to apply for as many things as I can so I could find my best option.” 

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4. Your mother has your best interests at heart

College isn't the only stressful period in a young person's life. Your mom has seen you grow up and experience the drama of middle school and high school too, so you know that she'll have your back as you face the end of college, which is a major feat. 

Your mom is your greatest cheerleader, so she'll only want the best for you, and thus you know that her feedback will be genuine. Additionally, she will be there to give you a healthy reality check when you find yourself in a rut.

After all, your mother is truly the one person who can be a shoulder to cry on, but also someone to provide guidance and tips on how to navigate the early stages of your adulthood.