Girl On Retro Bike

This Bike, Complete With a Wine Cooler & Charcuterie Board, Could Be Yours For Just $9

Wine and cheese are already a match made in heaven, but throw in a cute bike and you’ve got yourself all set for a perfect summer picnic! Canned wine spritzer brand MOVO is making this dream come to life with their MOVO Wine Cruiser.

This custom bike doubles as a wine bar, with a built-in fold-out charcuterie board and two coolers. Yes, you read that correctly – both an inner-cooler that holds four cans, and a back cooler as well. Picture it: a bike ride to a nearby park, a fold-out board with all of your farmer’s market spoils (plus a utensil holder), and a cooler with your drink of choice? Hey now, hey now, this is what (Instagram) dreams are made of.  

Courtesy of MOVO Wine The cruiser is very limited-edition, with just four bikes available for sale on Saturday, 7/25 at 12 p.m. EST. But get this: if you're one of the lucky four to make the purchase, it's only going to cost you $8.99 (the equivalent to a pack of MOVO spritzers). That's, not even $10 for a whole mobile picnic, but it means you have to move fast. 

Legal age drinkers nationwide can cruise to to snag the hot summer accessory, which is honestly an absolute steal.